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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

To Thrive on the Destruction within Ones Own Mind : Is The Ultimate Control

People often wonder how one who lives on edge, thriving on ones own mental chaos, could find peace.

The answer is simple - through chaos comes order, in the person in who's limits are none.
There is no barrier, because destruction is simply the feeling of the moment. This person is the crescendo of events and the chaos - this makes them the creator of their dreams. Together the person and his thoughts make chaotic realities. Destruction becomes a fun myth. One played off like a highly spoken game of Basketball. In chaos, his fruits are apparent. The personality of Death & Life are now the same. Forged through unlikely events, escaping the most awful of tragedies, unharmed by fatal interaction, here is the man of Chaos.
Then let the belief simmer, that a greater reality could be achieved. This a result of their Chaos, a reality to believed.
It becomes the air people breathe. When in chaos, becomes so instilled that it becomes nature. For the bearer, and when released in speech, so natural it is to others. That chaos becomes acceptable.
Indeed, with art there is acceptable chaos.
In speech, there is acceptable destruction.
In life, there is now acceptable catastrophe. In this man, there is inhuman monotony. In this mind there is no end to his realities. There is only his realities. His inhuman consistence, made possible by supernatural forces, makes his reality immortal.

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