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Thursday, June 15, 2017

NapsGear Proviron Review (G.P Proviron / Mesterolone Review)

Naps Gear / Geneza Pharmaceuticals Proviron FULL Log & Review

To be clear, this Review / Log is of :

Naps Gear produces a lot of great products, besides being one of the largest Internet pharmacies and having hundreds of resources, they also take pride in their products and WANT return customers! They have consistently produced lab-results/HPLC/COA's to Validate their Product purity [1] [2] [3]

Their origin country gives them a stable place to practice manufacture and is approved by multiple international licensing companies. Their pharmaceutical manufacturing company in whom produces their ''brand'' of products : Geneza Pharmaceuticals, is recognized by major Medical & Regulatory agencies in Europe. 

Now onto their products, previously we had written two reviews on this website...

These reviews are written by me and I have no bias here whatsoever, they are absolutely what I feel on the product. With no exaggeration. Therefore I am producing this review with the same standards in mind. 

I did not receive this product for free and no deal was negotiated prior to receiving this product, I paid for the product in full.

Keep this noted, I did not buy this product for the intent of mixing it with other compounds, therefore there was no ''cycle'' in the traditional sense. It was simply a ONE-MONTH RUN of this product alone and the only other supplements involved in this month run (which takes A LOT of discipline) were Protein & Caffeine!


I ordered this product around this time in May. I checked out using Western Union option and sent the payment in full on the 8th. It took exactly 3 business days for the payment to be received and marked ''Paid''. Then it was shipped exactly 3 days after. Which means it took six business days for this to become a 'Shipped' order. Sometimes my orders are shipped on the third or fourth business day. So this orders speed for processing lies somewhere in the middle; Napsgear's Median processing time.

International tracking was applied to the parcel and was fully working after the 8th day, (about a day and a half after it was shipped), it moved a little slow at first but I received the order on the 25th. There were no customs issues and no odd stickies as a few lone souls have reported on some forums. I live in the USA so that could be why. It seems more folks have issues if they live in Germany or other areas of Europe where there are stricter customs agents.


This product was dosed at one tablet twice a day; 25 MG twice per day of Proviron/Mesterolone. Then after the second week, 25 MG x 4 / day. A total of 100 MG of Proviron per day is final dose.

G.P Proviron Cycle Review by Area-1255


The first two days were pretty subtle, didn't really feel much of anything other than increased energy (slightly) and increased calm. Though, I could feel it was DHT-like, because my muscles felt harder ever so slightly on the second day. Now, this could be in all reality too early to tell, and so I'm going brush this off for now as an effect of my lifting.

On the third day however, there was no coincidence, the effects noticed were a very strong increase muscle hardening and increased urination. As well as, more noticeably, spontaneous erections that didn't go away so easily.

This product HAS to be Mesterolone, because its the only product that has this 'pattern of effects'. The other effects noticed were a very mild increase in libido.

DAY 5 - 10

Day 5 and up to the end of the first week of use, were much more productive. Not only was the muscle hardening more evident, but it made my lifts more productive. Strength was definitely up. Extra reps were being pushed out on Bench already, and other effects such as increased vascularity were coming in despite not using ANY Nitric-Oxide product during this course.

The strength was not due to anything else, because I didn't have to 'push' the last reps out with as much effort. Extra sets occurred on Day 8 of this cycle. The strength effects continued to increase thereafter. By Day 10 I was blazing through concrete work, and found myself staying on task so much easier. Mood was up and beyond my normal self - and my overall Energy level was clearly and noticeably way up.

DAY 15-30 

Proviron isn't intended to be a mass-builder by any means, but the amount of Strength it gives you makes it easier to reach your goals and experiment to achieve new ones. There is no doubt this product helped with that and went above and beyond my expectations. Now, I will say that in terms of Aggression this product isn't quite on the level of Masteron...but it definitely does boost Aggression and composure, moreso. 

Now, some would ask how could something boost both Aggression & Composure? 

Simple, it increases your ability to selectively channel Aggression by giving more of a ''tall'' mood on your demeanor, leaving others more breathless than any potential effort you have to use normally to get the job done. It also seems to have somewhat of an anti-anxiety effect, which may account for these effects by means of those psychoactive actions. I don't believe everyone will feel this way about the product. I do believe though, that its hard to not feel the strength boosting effects of Proviron.

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  1. your review is exactly what i am feeling , started on 25mg now up to 100mg, odd day drop to 50mg but do feel extra energy and dont need caffeine boosters before workout now , libido up and not using viagra now , gym pumps are great if you take 25mg hour before.


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