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Thursday, June 29, 2017

LiftMode Yohimbine Review/Log 2017 (Independent LiftMode Yohimbine HCL Review)

LiftMode Yohimbine Review/Log 2017 (Independent LiftMode Yohimbine HCL Review)

LiftMode, the only product I've ever tried of theirs BEFORE this point was their Icariin; which was very potent. However, the Yohimbine appealed to me because other companies (though seem legit) such as Primaforce and SNS do not provide COA's with their product to verify the potency and purity of their Yohimbine. With that being said, I'm a fairly experienced Yohimbine user so I know what to expect. 

Still, the results of this review leave something open for discussion; as to the sources and potency of each yohimbine product on the market today.

First, the distinct difference in powders, could tell a tale about concentration and synthesis method or at least supplier choice by each company. I've noticed that Liftmode's Yohimbine powder is fluffier and less 'grainy' than Primaforce Yohimbine, for example.

Here's a VS comparison for each product, with the Lift Mode powder is on the left and Primaforce contents on the right. Take note again, this does not demonstrate that one is Yohimbine and the other is not, just that the sources and potency per weight are different. 

Now the LiftMode Yohimbine clumping isn't normal, just to lay that out - that is solely due to the temperature my house was at for that time period.

As it wasn't like that when I got it.

The LiftMode Yohimbine product was started at 'Scoop' doses with the tiny blue microscooper provided FIRST, to give people an idea of the magnitude of its effects for those too lazy to scale and measure it.


Half-a-Scoop : No obvious effects at this dose except some increased energy, however I did notice that I didn't need my evening cup of Coffee as urgently as usual, and that the adrenaline-burst from doing Push-ups, burnouts and Squats was more or less 'prolonged' even at this minuscule dose.

One-LEVEL-scoop : One whole level scoop once a day for a few days (in the morning) provided a mood boost and energy increase that was very noticeable. The most prominent effect was an increase in ALERTNESS and AGGRESSIVE feelings (controllable though). When I say aggressive I don't mean RAGE, I mean more like an increased version of my normally very assertive self. Thus, amplification of my assertive personality traits would be a simple way of saying it.

TWO-Scoops Per Day : For me, this amount was more alike to my 'normal' dose of Primaforce, but much more potent. The effects of this Yohimbine also seem to last longer than Primaforces Yohimbine. The insane energy, euphoric mood and massively increased motivation to work out and get in the game are not debatable. Yohimbine definitely does this, and LiftMode's Yohimbine delivers.

Some BENEFITS of LiftMode's Yohimbine VS Primaforce / SNS Yohimbine

I never specifically felt the Aggressive focus on Primaforce's Yohimbine, this was only with LiftMode's Yohimbine and unique to it itself. Which isn't to say they are different  compounds, but simply different levels of purity (maybe even by a percent or two). Or perhaps it could just be because my stomach doesn't have to break down the capsule first (as with Primaforce) and therefore LiftMode's product hits faster and harder.

Also, the aphrodisiac effects of LiftMode's Yohimbine are more noticeable than with Primaforce, whereas Primaforce primarily provided the same mini-ephedrine type burst of mood and energy, with some scent  of increased libido, LiftMode did this way more - and like my Histamine boosting stack, caused almost obsessional libido.

Therefore, there must be differences in product purity here.

LiftMode Yohimbine HCL Review by Dose!

  • Using the Gemini-20 Pro Scale (purchased via Amazon) - I found it easy to measure the exact amount of Yohimbine I want to take.
  • 3 MG dose EXACTLY : Produced the typical ONE SCOOP feeling.
  • 5 MG increased heart rate by like 3 BPM.
  • 14 MG was my sweet spot, and avoids tachycardia but still increases heart rate sometimes about 5-6 BPM.
  • 24 MG is the MAX dose of Yohimbine I would take. Anything higher than that leaves a bad crash later on in the day and weird head sensations the following day. 24 MG also creates a euphoric mood but it also seems slightly dissociative. 
  • 14 MG consistently every day allowed me to increase Ab definition significantly and increase muscle tone and definition in my arms. It provided fuel that a PWO can not provide. If you want something close to Clen, this is it!
The product was taken for a consecutive 30-days without break, 25 days of those after moving on from 'scoop doses' were about 14 MG. I do NOT recommend others start at that point!!! Start VERY low, others may be extremely sensitive to this stuff!

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  1. Hi JayZin,

    Good post as always. I just got this today (1 Gram). Can I mix this with my preworkout?

  2. Yeah, but if your preworkout contains like 300 MG of Caffeine then other stims I'd be careful; maybe use like 2.5 mg - 5 mg of Yohimbine to be safe. If your sup has like 5 different stims then I'd say No. It depends on what preworkout you are using.

  3. I am using the one you recommended:

    I bought this product from their home page @

    1. Then I wouldn't even use the Yohimbine with it. That preworkout is VERY strong. You combine the two and you are almost certainly going to have your heart beating out of your chest!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Coffee will work. Or you can do something like coffee + L-Arginine. That would probably work best.

  4. I would like to know the answer to this.


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