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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Two Types of People Who Seek Power

There are two types of people who seek Power, in Life and over others. Those who don't have it and those who are Greedy. Those who lack it normally lack Confidence, either because of a Physical weakness or deficiency, or a Mental one. 

Those who are Greedy often have Confidence - almost too much of it...but compulsively want more. These types would be classified as the closest thing to Evil.

Those who lack Power & Confidence typically take their Anger out (randomly), they often brag about their achievements and their need for external gratification trumps their Caution and Diligence.

Those who are Greedy brag less (or not at all) and usually have a more ingrained Grandiose attitude. Greedy people do things just to do them. It's a game to them, and they are satisfied in gaining much (including power over others), but expanding that Power until there's nothing left to grab is their favorite ideal.

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