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Monday, August 7, 2017

Natural Treatment for Syphilis (Herbal Treatment for Syphilis Infection)

WARNING: All information contained herein is intended to be used in conjunction with the advice of a Physician! None of these methods should be tried alone (they should ALL be used) and for the most part, pharmaceutical treatment (antibiotics) should still be considered. Syphilis is an incredibly dangerous bacterial infection which can result in permanent cardiovascular consequences and neurological impairment.

Therefore the standard treatment of a Penicillin shot is a very important consideration and may be best for those in non-optimal health, but these herbs may help vanquish the bacteria that remains and in those who aren't being treated it may help in the waiting period before one gets their shot. Unfortunately, in contrast to other infections wherein herbal remedies have more research (such as Gonorrhea), Syphillis is a difficult topic and no herb has been proven to cure this disease on its own. Though its certainly possible that some can recover on their own, it is rare as this bacteria is very good at penetrating organs and tissues.


Syphilis is an infection caused by the gram-negative corkscrew shaped bacteria Treponema pallidum [1] [2] [3]. It is one of the many sexually transmitted infections which can fall under the ''great imitator'' category, that is, it can produce non-specific or VERY specific symptoms but that can appear as not distinct or apart from other illnesses [4] [5]

When Syphilis does produce symptoms those symptoms are specific to each stage of infection.

  1. Primary Syphilis : (Day 3 - Day 90) genital lesion (chancre), skin rashes, loss of appetite [!].
  2. Secondary Syphilis : (Day 30-90 Post Infection), lymph node enlargement, joint pain, weight loss, hair loss, loss of appetite (more severe) [!].
  3. Latent Syphilis : (Less than 1 year to after a year of infection) : non-contagious or not as, but either asymptomatic or having symptoms of the first two phases, particularly the secondary symptoms [!].
  4. Tertiary Syphilis : (3-15 years after infection), severe cardiovascular infiltration and heart enlargement to heart failure, blood vessel disease, aneurysm formation, neurological impairment/disease, dementia [!].

Treating Syphilis infection naturally is a difficult task, but you should include the following...

  1. Colloidal Silver [!] Once again, Colloidal silver remains at the top of the anti-bacterial supplement list. In this case, studies demonstrate powerful bacteria killing effects of both gram-positive and gram-negative (like syphilis) bacteria.
  2. Echinacea [!] : This supplement is less of a bacteria killer and more of an immune booster. It has powerful immunostimulant effects and can help boost the body's antimicrobial effects.
  3. Garlic [!] : A traditional microbe killer within the body, powerful enough to do the trick in combination with the others.
  4. Mayapple extract [!] : Mayapple is also known as podophyllum peltatum and contains podophyllotoxin which kills bacteria.
  5. Phytolacca americana extract [!] : Traditionally used to eliminate gingivitus  within a few days, and can be used to heal any bacterial STD's.

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