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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Faith Over All (ATTENTION All Christians Brothers and Sisters in Christ) Lord Driven Prayer for the Night of 12/17/2017

The Lord has directed me in Spirit to write this prayer/poem as of tonight; the Night of December 17, 2017 (12/17/2017). It will reach all of my fellow Christians and brothers and sisters in Christ. Assuredly, this was done after days of meditating - so that I (AMx ReBorN:Dan Gregory) can relay this message accurately and effectively.

Previously I wrote about the perils of being in Fear, this is a continuation of all of that and more. 

If the Faith calls you, you should receive the Spirit. But for those who fear, know and stay in confidence that God may appear. He is with those in Heart & Spirit who believe - and I encourage those who wish for things to happen - to ask. No matter how large the favor. I also encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to NOT be closed-minded. To not always push (hastily) a reason on the non-believers. Do not be hasty in your decisions, not all will open up if they see the Spirit of haste. The unbelievers must be led by actions. They must see humanity in all of you. They must see that you are morally good. Even though you will be surely hated, those few peoples or hundreds, and thousands, they are worth everything. So also don't hesitate, but do so in good form - which does not require speed, but steadiness in the Lord.

Now, I do not believe that you should carry yourselves in doubt because of this - nor do I believe that that you should falter in God's will. Ever. But just be aware of yours and others perceptions. Act accordingly. Dark days being inevitably ahead. Don't fear. Do not allow the tactics, no matter how complex of the Devil to succeed. He will try crafty things. He will try to make some of us numb. So reach out for knowledge. Be knowledgeable in the Lord but also of how to counter the Devils tactics. We must all be prepared for the emotional hijacking by the Devil and his soldiers. As a researcher of neuropharmacology and knowing first-hand and by MUCH research - Evils of this World use contaminants to their advantage.

Therefore, as much as possible - eat healthy. Do not give the Evils of this world an advantage. Most importantly, do not second-guess the ability of God to give you the answer where it is required. Do not be afraid to take your own Journeys as I have. Do not be afraid to the go the extra mile. Do not be afraid brothers and sisters.

Do not be shackled by numbers, nor by anything that the World throws at you. Nor by arising protests, nor by Political beliefs. Know that there are Good and Moral people on both sides. Therefore, do not assume based on the side that one takes in their beliefs (Political or otherwise) that stand outside of their Religious sphere.

Also, the Lord has told me to be brave and courageous, naturally I am, but there are those who aren't - and so I believe that the Lord will direct them based on their attributes, however, this is not discouragement, those who aren't courageous are encouraged to become it. Not by attempt. Not by belief in Fatalism. But by living by these THREE verses.

 Philippians 4:13
 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Matthew 17:20
Because you have so little faith. He answered. “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.

                                                Hebrews 11:1
 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

I feel it is my duty as a Soldier of God to write it.

And to the Devil, who tries to thwart us at every moment, to attempt to take away our humility and our righteousness.

A poem against the evil.

They can't ever take what we have been born and reborn it (Christ & Faith)
We will succeed against all of those who try to supersede our good Judgement.
To our loved ones, no candidate however strong, can infiltrate our bond, I pray the evils in this world can't get past any wall, they will be sealed off as to their impurities, for in the Knowledge and Faith of Christ, we will prevail, and we will see ourselves through to the end, as a Journey in Christ, will not bend to the wills of the Evil, in the World, chaos aside, we have our Fight which will win. Victorious to the End, and our abilities will not suffer, but the Enemy being thrown from the souls of the impure, and we will lend out our hand to those in need, regardless of the risk, the Devil can not stop what must be done, even his intention can not rise, for we have risen above. Above all peril, above all destruction, above all struggles, for we have much more. In the Heart and in the Soul, to which Satan does not. Evil Encourages others to lose - so we will fulfill them again, in prayer, and in might, with utter belief, with absolute confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ, let our God (Yahweh) and Christ (Yeshua) be with us Forever, Amen.

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