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Thursday, December 14, 2017

InfoWars Life/Alex Jones DNA Force Supplement Review 2017 (Simple/Detailed)

I bought this product directly from their home page and I am NOT receiving compensation of any kind for writing this Review. 

---------------------------------------------DNA Force Product Page---------------------------------------------

InfoWars, I previously reviewed their "Super Male Vitality" testosterone booster before. I have many more products I've used also of theirs which (in my opinion) are of unsurpassed quality.

There was a post on Buzzfeed acknowledging that the products are legit and contain what is written on their label. LabDoor and other (reputable) independent analysis laboratories have come to the same conclusions.

Therefore I decided to try their most EXPENSIVE supplement; DNA Force.

Now - this product is claimed to energize the body's mitochondria [1] and the ingredients like Astragalus have a large bit of research proving the preservation and lengthening of the Telomere's - an essential part of the DNA in the body [2].
They do this by activating Telomerase; which can protect the telomeres and trigger their production [3].


  • I took 2 capsules in the Morning and 2 in the evening.
  • I noticed increased mental clarity but not much else in the first few days.
  • At the end of the first week - I had more Energy, less muscle soreness (FOR SURE, even after 1000 push-ups per day).
  • Did not eat as much on it, but when I did food tasted MUCH better than usual!
  • Most importantly, by the end of the 2nd week, I was waking up energized and READY to go at 6 A.M sharp nearly EVERY MORNING. 6-7 hours felt like 12 hours of sleep to me. I felt energized all the time, way more productive, not needing as much Coffee to get through the day.

This product DEFINITELY does something that is not STIMULANT like - like let's say Reboxetine; a norepinephrinergic-antidepressant, it usually has that "side-effect" of waking up early. Except, that sometimes comes with Insomnia and heart palpitations; this doesn't. Nor does it increase (even marginally) the Anxiety level. So FOR SURE - this product does something on the mitochondrial level. That's not out of arrogance (assumption!). 

It's worth noting that I've tried Barlowe's Astragalus at higher doses (3 capsules per day) and there were some of those similar effects. So its probably mostly the Astragalus extract. However, given the length of research behind the telomere concept, its also the Bio-PQQ that is making this happen.

I like it.

5/5 stars from me, InfoWars doesn't disappoint!

Now, I also don't want folks to get the wrong idea about me. I don't watch Alex's show ALL THE TIME or in an obsessive manner - I don't spend much of my free time during the week on watching TV anyhow. So this is not by any means, a biased review.


So the DNA Force capsules are a light yellow-ish color, almost like hay. 

The appearance of it is a fine powder though, with some other light tan colors mixed in. 

It does contain Astragalus, so if you've ever drank Astragalus straight with water or juice, you know it really doesn't taste pleasant. So, just take the capsules! No need to do anything crazy with them. Since I'm mightily aware that trolls are "bragging" on Amazon reviews about using Alex's sups as a "suppository" even though everyone knows its never ONCE been suggested, next thing you know DNA force will be used as an Enema. 

Ridiculous nonsense, but of course, I'm rambling.

I believe this product has immensely energizing properties, which do not become apparent until the end of the first week.

The waking up early; one of its key effects - is a sign that DNA is being fully rejuvenated on a mitochondrial level. This is an amazing supplement - because IT DOES NOT INTERACT with other supplements (negatively) IN FACT - because it ALSO contains Fulvic Acid/Humic Acid mix [4] it may COMPLEMENT other supplements [5]! Much like Shilajit does. See label below.

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  1. resveratrol is energizing as well

    1. That's a good point Kpavel. I remember there were a few others with Resveratrol that were real popular. Dermacrine and RS Transaderm being prime examples. The SERM properties are much of what makes it useful on the hormonal level.

  2. I look forward to updating this site when I start taking my DNA force. Won’t be starting when I post this but I will inform on my results after the first week of frequently dosing properly. I do feel when I did take the super male vitality, it did boost my energy leveled to a point where I could almost run (key word almost) non stop. I was a former track star, still young but the way that the super male vitality had slightly but guaranteed noticeably differed from my regular workouts. Had even gave it to one of my buddies who has been a compete five weight lifter and the result after that days pump, he takes powders and store naught and sometimes even online “male enhancing” supplements which contain lots of access garbage besides your every now kreatiene, he reported “the fattest pump of his life” and that he would want more.

    1. Meant to say competitive not “complete five” got too excited haha


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