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Monday, December 4, 2017

Hormones and Jealousy : The Big Picture.(Includes Full Breakdown on Testosterone & Estrogen Roles)

One of the biggest and most complex areas of human behavior is one very volatile and often very dangerous emotion : Jealousy. 

Not just out of relationships and out of envy, but the core concept of jealousy in an ongoing relationship between two spouses. Not many would/should deny that the world would be a better place without the fury and antics of jealousy, but in reality, the world may not be a reasonable place either.

Now - the other area we are going to explore though is more specifically, MALE behavior towards a female significant other, and what hormone patterns may make or break the relationship and whether these are the only factors.

1.) Testosterone : Estrogen ratio : Probably the single most important factor is the RATIO of hormones. Those with higher Testosterone and lower Estrogen, are generally less jealous and are able to 'trust' their partner more. Assuming they are a loyal girlfriend/wife and have thus the man has no reason to fear they are unfaithful. As Estrogen increases though, that is when shit gets tipped in the wrong direction [1] [2] [3]. I often wonder (and get angry at) men who treat their significant others like crap, when clearly they are loyal and some of the nicest souls out  there. Just observing, there is usually a mental problem (in that likely a HORMONE problem) in their man that is causing their excessive jealousy/control issues.

It is also possible however, that supraphysiologic or high-sensitivity to high androgen levels may spike adrenaline levels too quickly, and too much adrenaline throughout the day can lead to Paranoia/Jealousy.

Therefore, other catecholamines/monoamines secondary to hormones may be carrying out the final 'say' in the jealousy picture.

2.) Heavy Metals influence Hormone 'Recognition' and Distort Instincts.

Copper dominance influences hormone BREAKDOWN, so Copper-dominant males may also be more jealous/controlling [4].

Heavy metals including Cadmium, Mercury and Aluminum have had decades of research in relation to their effects on Behavior and bodily homeostasis.

All of them, with the exception of Zinc, Copper and Iron have negative health effects at relatively low concentrations [5].

Mercury may impact Jealousy may influencing the activity of the MAO-enzyme [6], or by altering the endocrine system in a negative fashion [7].

3.) Catecholamines/Monoamines : Catecholamines such as Dopamine, Noradrenaline, Adrenaline and such can influence multiple emotions; including Jealousy. However, they also promote feelings of love, empathy (in moderation) and exhilaration [8]
Catecholamines come back to and are influenced by hormones. Then they themselves can influence hormones.

4.) Poor Homeostasis : If the body is out of balance, fighting an infection or in a state of disarray due nutritional imbalance - negative emotions can take hold; including Jealousy [9].
Hormones regulate bodily balance "homeostasis".

5.) Phytoestrogens = Cognitive Dissociation and "Black-and-White" Thinking : Hormones influence patterns of thinking and the threshold for cognitive dissociation, the represent the mirror by which one displays their interest - as well. Therefore, the long-term hormonal imbalance in Men caused by say, pesticide exposure or long-term intake of Soy can cause these types of cognitive problems which leads to Jealousy [10].

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