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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Psychopaths and Love : The REAL Truth. (Are Psychopaths Capable of Love 2017 Article)

An article on Forbes discussed one of our favorite topics : Psychopaths, specifically whether they are capable of love. While the majority of the article went over the concept of a loving household defeating other factors such as isolation and genetics. The room for debate was wide open in terms of how much it can cross over into actual feelings of deep love, concern and compassion. The article suggested that those born with certain tendencies can overcome the Psychopathic spectrum in some, if raised properly.

Then, another article on QZ called : Psychology suggests that psychopaths can be changed by the power of love. Stated that positive environments may be able to encourage a Psychopath to change for the better; reducing Psychopathic traits and upping positive social interactions. The idea that empathetic people and environments can change a Psychopath may be a correct idea in theory, however there are many limiting factors that this article does not address.

The restricting factors in a Psychopaths ability to change.

  1. First, the article above (QZ) ASSUMES that all Psychopaths are purely Psychopaths, but several studies suggest a great portion of them have other, additional personality disorders which may complicate the (potential) ability to treat one. 
  2. Paranoid traits may be the biggest limiting factor, and paranoid sociopaths/psychopaths have the least ability to change.
  3. Narcissistic personality traits and NPD also often go along with Psychopathy, and these traits also strongly act against the concept of change, for  the Psychopath.
  4. Schizotypal traits, though unusual and rare in Psychopaths, encourage false ideas and beliefs which further stop the Psychopath from changing, for instance, do you expect an ISIS-fighter or commander to suddenly change? Their PERCEPTION of their religious duty or the Quran?
  5. Schizoid traits, perhaps the most mysterious of all and marked by flattened affect and lack of emotions in general - the rarest type of Schizoid Psychopathy. These types are so unpredictable that one will never know the true reason for emotional dullness as both personalities promote similar worldviews and unlike Psychopathy itself, this combination platter will promote the personality type of Introverted/Isolated Psychopath.

The fact that these articles ADDRESSED the flaws in prior articles which simply stated, more or less "Psychopaths can't love at all" - is a good step in the right direction. However, it should not be assumed that all Psychopaths have the capacity to respond by favorable environments and circumstances - as some have simply come to the point of no-return, Psychologically at least.

Another article (Psychology Today) suggests that Psychopaths who form long-term intimate relationships with a desired/desirable partner may embody a "Bonnie-and-Clyde" lifestyle. While this may be true and science seems to (indirectly) support such an assertion, I would say this relationship style is more consistent with Borderline personality types and perhaps, Narcissistic elements, than Psychopathy.

Still, human willpower can be a strong thing and if there is ANY power in the world capable of changing a Psychopath - it probably would be love. But not by family members, friends or a simple "significant other". It would take a dedicated partner with similar world-view to the Psychopath in question and complete patience and dedication to each other, which isn't easy.

The additional prospect is conflicts with the rest of society. Those who fall outside of the world-view or who's views differ greatly with the particular Psychopath. This would be harder to change in theory than the mere personal attributes and general daily interactions, and actions.

In conclusion : A Psychopath may change under rare (or perhaps unusual) circumstances if... 
1.) He genuinely wants it to happen or sees benefit in it and
2.) If there are minimal 'additional' factors that inhibit him from changing.

While there have been cases where Psychopaths have changed when these two things are in place - the proportion of them that ACTUALLY strive (actively) to change and in whom fit these two points is VERY low. 

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