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Saturday, December 16, 2017

InfoWars Survival Shield X2 Nascent Iodine Review 2017 (Unbiased/Unpaid Review) (Alex Jones Iodine Supplement Review 2017)

I have previously just reviewed InfoWars DNA Force (see here) and InfoWars Z-Shield (see here), in the past I've also reviewed their Super Male Vitality Testosterone; the Testosterone booster sold by Alex Jones (see here review) and one of my Writers reviewed their Silver supplement as well (see here). Now I'm reviewing their most popular product; Survival Shield X2 Nascent Iodine!

It can be bought on their home page or sometimes Amazon (when its not out of stock!).

Now...a few things to say about this product as this Review aims to ONLY be a review. There is enough information around on the Internet about the benefits of Iodine so much that there is literally no need to write any of it here.

So I won't.
Now I admit I was skeptical about this product since anything advertised as "super-potent" or "most-potent" or "unprecedented" usually comes with either drastic side-effects, a marketing ploy, or both. But Alex and his team don't try any funny business and they answered my questions when asked (on the Phone etc). 

  • The first DAY, literally the first day I took 3 drops (NOT full droppers, don't overdose folks!) and I had an IMMEDIATE energy rush. I'm talking beyond Dopamine and not anxious one bit. I went for a long run on some nice country roads and felt at home. The endorphin rush was unbelievable. 
  • Unfortunately those results didn't repeat themselves on Day 2 or 3 QUITE as much.
  • However, I continued taking it as directed (3 drops per day). 
  • By the end of the second week (and btw I didn't have any 'sickly' or 'detox' symptoms so many have) - I was feeling more motivated than usual. ESPECIALLY for Physical work/construction. 
  • The third week I was REALLY energized again, much like the first day. 
  • My guess was I probably have a relatively clean system so I may not have been THAT deficient but I will say that I can just "feel" this is more pure and I will be DEFINITELY keeping it as part of my regimen!

5/5 Stars, as usual, Alex - Thanks for being great human being!
That concludes my review!

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