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Monday, March 19, 2018

A Legacy Of Accomplishment, A Reputation of Many Faces. (Area1255 Empowerment Update) (We Are Anonymous 2018)

Published by : AMx ReBorN

"In order to perpetuate the notoriety of an individual, one must first proliferate a dramatic Legacy for the individual, one built on many perceptions and many faces."

Even the most dramatic Leftists avoid this "hard work". As a Business-minded individual I've accomplished a great deal. Even more so, I've surrounded the idea of me and my name with many mysteries. So much so that the obfuscation is so prominent that there are so many different interpretations (deliberate) as to who I am.

Not for Deceptive purposes themselves though - but as a Strategy.

It may in essence, seem dramatic to use such extensive and obtuse tactics simply to promote a Marketing Atmosphere. However - it works for Me.

I can't say the same for others.

No - in fact, I DON'T think others would be able to pull off the same things I am capable of. Without Fear, without hesitation and without any lack of anything. There is no dwindling, no fluctuation, minimal digressing and when seen in a certain Light - the idea of this whole Blog is to promote a sense of "new".

Knowledge is an incredible thing.

What I've put together here is I've made an identity that represents such knowledge. Through the efforts of "Corageon", the efforts on Forums, the efforts of a strong legal team and the efforts of resurrecting the old platform (Cipher Elite HCHQ).

The whole idea from Day One was to promote a Central Place for Innovation and Knowledge where people can freely come together and share their ideas.

This makes Area-1255 work - it makes us unique. Not because there aren't other people doing the same damn thing, but because we do it in a way that is novel and Mysterious. We come up to the shores of the Internet's darkest and lightest corners and catch people off guard.

We introduce new material to these areas and we introduce our Personalities to both Average & Elite forumers. We create and reinvent, we innovate and trailblaze, we define and redefine. We capture and magnetize. We create that 'Rockstar' personality that everyone wants to see. We do it deliberately without a need for lying.

Because we encourage people to be themselves.

Imagine the World where people are always being themselves, without hindrance but without obstruction.

We embrace what others fail to.

Regardless of Political Views, we open chapters, we magnify organizations and then we evolve our own.

Its no longer a pattern of just throwing stuff out there.

We aren't Random.

We are Area1255.
We are ourselves and yet Anonymous.
We are Immortal.
We are a Legend.
We are the Future.

~AMx ReBorN~

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