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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ethnicities of Anime/Fictional Characters : Ethnicity/Nationality of Vegeta DBZ


  1. 75% Irish: Vegeta has the Irish/Celtic fierceness combined with the downright RELENTLESS Motivation/Aggression - and a hatred for losing to match it. When knocked down/disappointed, his lust for furthering his end only intensifies, he has the Pessimistic-Pseudo Enhancement of some Irish males. Any weakness is compensated for. He has the 'no-mercy' and quick temper to match it as well.
  2. 15% Dutch: The determination, arrogance and isolation marks some aspects of Dutch culture - of course, this is not present in most or all Dutch, but we believe Vegeta closely mirrors the Dutch-archetype.
  3. 10% Swedish: The emotional coldness, the inclination to thrive, and the moments of convenient, sudden strategizing out of no where (paradoxical re-upping) that bash out any pessimism/skepticism/procrastination clearly remark Vegeta's inner-Swede.
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