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Friday, March 9, 2018

DIYESTA Organic Ceylon Cinnamon REVIEW (Cinnamon for Nootropic Purposes Review 2018)

I bought this product from Amazon; where you can get it at the Best Price (IMHO).

This product is a Food Product, not necessarily intended for Nootropic (Brain-Enhancing) purposes. However, if Cinnamon is used to improve Memory - this is the right kind. And Yes, there is a WRONG kind. You can not use simple store-bought Cinnamon to improve Memory, you will likely DAMAGE your Liver!!! They all contain too much 'coumarin' which can damage the liver in supplemental amounts [!].

This product noted as the Sri Lanka Ceylon Cinnamon is studied as Coumarin-free or at least "ultra-low coumarin".

More to the point - I felt safe even at up to FIVE teaspoons of the stuff per day. Without any ill-effects!

  • Cinnamon's main mechanism of action in relation to Brain-enhancement seems to be improvement of blood flow [1].
  • It also enhances D-Serine and D-Alanine concentrations by blocking an enzyme called D-Amino-Oxidase (DAO) - through its metabolite Sodium Benzoate [2].
  • It may also reduce inflammation through the same mechanism [3].
  1. 1 Teaspoon per day for two days increased Mood, Energy, Mental Clarity; specifically Optimism, mental wit, quick-responding, and the ability to more specifically "think-on-my-feet". A slight increase in alertness, and general cognition was noted.
  2. Two teaspoons per day created a sense of observation, intellectual ability, clearly improved processing of words, in that I mean, ultra-high-speed processing, and even a sense of slight overstimulation. Only when done ALL-AT-ONCE though. If I split up the teaspoons x2 in a day (BID), this alleviates / removes the overstimulation.
  3. Increased Strength and Vascularity - consistent with nitric-oxide stimulation occurred after the first week.
  4. Mental Focus and motivation continued and increased more-so after the second week...that is when they were most apparent.
  5. Increase in libido after 3rd day, probably because of Glutamate increases.
  6. Increase in Aggression after 2nd week, probably a mild Testosterone increase or increased CNS-Activity!

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