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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ethnicities/Nationalities of Anime/Fictional Characters : Ethnicity of Mr.X from Streets of Rage Series

ETHNICITY OF MR.X From Streets of Rage
  1. 75% English: The look on Mr.X's face reminds me of the look on some of the arrested British-Crime Family Members "Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate" or the "Adam's Family", we believe his Ethnicity is primarily English; he has the cockiness, the mental Confidence, Genius, and superseding tempo to match it. Plus the organizational fortitude and loyalty to his Dream of Power and Unlimited Wealth.
  2. 20% Norwegian: Nothing screams Confidence and Warrior Attitude like the Norwegian Alpha Male. We believe Mr.X had a Viking ancestor or two.
  3. 5% Italian/Sicillian: How can he NOT have Italian heritage, Mr.X must be some Sicillian, he has the unrivaled motivation of a Sicillian and business-etiquette, as well as parts of the Mediterranean-attitude/Rigidness.

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