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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ethnicities/Nationalities of Anime/Fictional Characters (Ethnicity of Perfect Cell)

Just for the fun of it - and taking advantage of our Blog's immense resources - we are going BEYOND a typical flurry of discussions regarding Personality Archetypes and will explore Fictional Characters assigned Ethnicities & Characteristics and this Will (reasonably) equate to the said Character's demeanor. Based on a Analysis of their respective nations and their people's characteristics. These are, of course, generalizations, and these posts ONLY intend to rally in creative minds.

Perfect Cell and Cell, a character in the Series/Show "Dragon Ball Z" and others. One of my favorites as a kid. Cleary an "Android" thus has no nationality...but if we were to ASSIGN a Nationality - what would he be?

Our Poll results and dedicated team believes he is.


  1. 50% Scottish: Cell clearly has the stand tall over thy Enemy and cocky/brazen demeanor, which although not present in all Scot's, with a boat-load of Roids and some the unrivaled Strategic mind of a Scot - we believe this is his primary ethnicity.
  2. 25% Japanese: He carries the discipline and unrivaled fury of a Japanese warrior - along with a sense of confidence.
  3. 25% Swedish: Cell has the confidence and Energy of a typical Swede, and the emotional coldness to match it - therefore, this is our prediction. Besides who else wants a Fighting arena all to themselves?

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