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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ethnicities of Video Game Characters: Ethnicity/Nationality of Ganondorf

  1. 35% German: The name Ganondorf certainly has a 'German' ring to it, doesn't it? Many last names ending in 'dorf' are of German origin. Besides, the Germanic tribes and Germans in general have always been tough, rugged, sometimes Arrogant, certainly industrious, and certainly, some do love Power. But then again, who doesn't. Either way - he MUST be 35% German.
  2. 25% African/S.African Native: Ganon's dark skin-tone definitely includes African, and he has the Confidence + the Industriousness and Discipline of A South African Diplomat. I bet he has a relative that was there.
  3. 20% Middle-Eastern; Egyptian: The vengeful, against-the-world, hatred for Past events and utter disgust for any opposers + Ganon's dark-skin tone must include some Middle Eastern - plus he comes from a "band-of-thieves" for God's sake.
  4. 15% Irish: The youthful arrogance and fierce tempo + Red-hair includes without a doubt, an Irish ancestor or many!
  5. 5% Norman-English-French: Yes, yes, Ganon must have Viking/Conqueror blood - there's simply no way he doesn't! He sees every opportunity, grabs it, and is SMARTER than his enemies (for the most part)...he carries with him the Innovation and Master Strategism of the typical Viking warlord.
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