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Monday, March 12, 2018

Best Laptops for Hackers 2018 UPDATED (Laptops for Hackers & Hacking 2018)

Our article from last year was getting a little outdated (not surprisingly!) given that laptops and computer technology are constantly changing. As this year has introduced a number of new technologies and graphics drivers [1] [2] [3] (AMD Ryzen, Bluetooth 5, 4KXL screens, Optane, XL294 drivers etc) then so the suggestions/recommendations for ''best hacker laptops'' would change. Even though graphics are not needed for hackers, they certainly up the ability for hackers to connect with their passions. The updated drivers, fast processing speeds, enhanced storage technologies and upgraded bluetooth offer new options for both convenience and speed. The ability to transfer important files on the go or in emergency (say if threat of arrest is coming) has never been easier. The technologies nowadays are so advanced though, that you also have to wonder whether the laptops have built-in security flaws.

Unfortunately without digging into the systems kernel to find such flaws, and examining the hardware in-depth - everything is a guessing game. Indeed, ask any true hacker and you will know that all laptops have flaws to the extent that underground activities can be compromised. Most newer laptops for example, have issues with MAC Address changing software, and this whole MAC address thing may be obsolete in the future [4]. Some hardware makes it nearly impossible to change the MAC address (not just difficult) [5].

A true hacker wants to be able to change the MAC address easily. Not even if they are black-hats, even white-hats want enhanced security - which sometimes requires the ability to change the MAC address.

A true hacker also wants unfettered network control over their own device (and sometimes others), this would require a device that is able to support high-volume network inquiries (such as DDOS).

Hackers need laptops that have all of these attributes and are also highly customizable, right down to the BIOS! Some laptops enable ''advanced BIOS modification''. So which laptops fit into these many descriptions?

I've found 5 laptops that fit into this description - and you'll love 'em all!
  1. Alienware AW17R4-7345SLV-PUS 17" Laptop - This laptop is very expensive (just under 2G depending on the source), but it has all of the latest technologies already built in - superior graphics card, support for the latest drivers, you can install hundreds of programs without it lagging. Its abilities are nearly infinite! Check it out here on Amazon!

2.) Acer Aspire E 15 - Obsidian Black - This laptop is on the opposite end of the price spectrum as the #1 on this list (its only $349!), it has awesome hardware for its price and can run Ubuntu and all recent custom Linux OS's. It is highly customizable and has no hardware modifications that prevent it from changing MAC address and it also does not have the Admin update of 2015 that makes it difficult to change IPs with VPN etc.
Check it out here on Amazon.

3.) Ace Predator Helios 300 - This fierce looking laptop is incredibly powerful and has graphics and a beautiful screen that puts most other laptops in its product line to shame! I've bought two of these so far and I never get tired of booting one up. I use it specifically for creating programs through C++. I also occasionally use the second one for Game Emulation although I prefer my Alienware for hardcore gaming tasks and game modification (including hex mods). Buy it here on Amazon.

4.) 2017 Newest Dell Inspiron 15.6 : A nice laptop for a good price (360 - 450) and has a great screen, smooth operation on all tasks even moderately consuming gaming tasks. It doesn't play FPS games that are brand new super well, but ones from earlier this year run fine. I like the fact that the developer of this one took their time on the pre-installed programs and other beneficial gadgets. Buy it on Amazon (best price).

5.) ASUS P-Series P2540UA-AB51 - A ''business'' laptop with more strength than most others in its price range - its perfect as a pentesting laptop and even better for running site builder software and for modest programming tasks! Check it out on Amazon.

If you want a laptop under $200 check out this ASUS Chromebook; its cheap and can get a lot of hacking/programming tasks done - but with DDOSing will be a hard task without an online booter. It still works great with most tasks though! Its also water-resistant and has a protective layer on the screen!

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