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Friday, June 1, 2018

The Oddities of The Self, Must Be Constructed Within Then Around The Self; You Must Build An Image Of Greatness In Order to Become The Personification of Greatness.


"The Oddities of The Self, Must Be Constructed Within Then Around The Self; You Must Build An Image Of Greatness In Order to Become The Personification of Greatness."

By: AMx ReBorN

The Value of the Self and the Personality and traits we harbor are unique to each of us. If we can have value in what we Teach ourselves, if we can not honor ourselves, then how can we truly Respect the quirks, traits and downright oddities of others.

Through what is unique about ourselves - the things that perhaps aren't easy to accept - we can challenge the Standards set by the World and instead invite God's standards as well as our Own into Being. 

There is no ONE RULE that must be followed with regard to our own Ambitions - because in many cases, it is the very spontaneity needed to explore, the sign of an Adventurous Spirit - that encourages, both Spiritual and Monetary/Financial Success...

I believe...that if our Hearts are Repaired first, so much that we find the Power within ourselves to overcome our scarrings, losses and things that cause us to be out-of-tune with the True Inner Consciousness...that we can evaluate the Proper Procedure - without scripting, playing a role, or what not.

Besides...what "role" is better than being written in God's "Book of Life" as any Journey we as Humans take must be Ambivalent by Analysis, but then made Peaceable by the logical conclusions of that Analysis...of course, being Open-Minded and of Sober Judgement [See Verse Here] is *KEY*. [ROMANS 12:3]

So...the Role we have as Humans - finally coming into motion with ourselves, as the Leader of Our Own Thoughts, accepting nothing less than the fulfillment by The Holy Spirit and also our Own Freedoms...may finally be the representation of Immersing the Greatest Qualities - without consumption of ideas by example, but by Originality and not diminishing the act of being ourselves, we ARE our own IDEAS.

We are the Future of our Own Incarnation - the Disciples of Our Own Words, we are not Owned by them, but we Own the Spirit we Bring with them (whether Good or Evil)...then, we should all take a Moment, to find the same Courage that I have displayed and in My Writings (which are true btw) that the finale of our Lives has no presence, it does not exist. Because EVERY DAY can be a Celebration, making our Lives and Our Memories - Immortal. Both for ourselves and Heaven.

We can make everything we do IMMORTAL - livable, Free, and of unparalleled Action - we can be Rebellious, Furious, Angry, Perceptable, Delirious, Conceptual, Reckless, Ecstatic, Odd, Eccentric, Impaired, and Enhanced.

We can do EVERYTHING as Humans, moving beyond in Life without reverence made to be a *necessary* but as a "natural feeling" coming together as seeing - WHAT can be made a Reality by what was Given to Us by God.

...But in all constants there are also Malignancies that must not take hold of Our Minds and so to devalue Narcissism (at least mostly) - not to the extent that we have NO PRIDE or LOGIC but to the extend that the SuperEgo is placed in favor of the well-being of those close to us, those who will be or those are have been - then we are not allowing the burdens of such an Ego to overpower us nor in some variable Obsession that perhaps may conform to the World and yet not to  the Soul...that is.

We must LESSEN our Materialistic Nature in Order to Promote The Foundation of a more Fruitful Reality...

"Life is a Blessing but beyond that is the Soul of that Blessing - and the Soul that Receives the Blessing."

If God's Reality is to permeate Our Mind and to encourage us to become someone Better than we already are than we  only have but ONE OPTION - to not be Afraid as is advocated by The Bible itself [ISAIAH 41:10] but also by means of knowing that FEAR itself is an UNHEALTHY Emotion for both the Mind & Body.

The Concept of Fear is rooted in the Dismissal of Sound Logic and there is no true Spirit in that Dismissal. Because of which - Fear does the following...

  1. Encourages Controlling Behavior (as with the "fear" of a cheating spouse or that "bad will happen" to a Family Member often encourages one (instinctually) to Control others. 
  2. Encourages RAGE when things don't go expected - and indeed, Fear and Rage and carried out by similar Neurotransmitter Systems in The Brain (Noradrenaline).
  3. Fear encourages the JUDGING of others, and NOT JUST when a certain 'thought' permeates the Mind but also when those thoughts are bewildered by over-analyzing things that may support a "BIASED MINDSET".
  4. Fear Creates STRESS - which causes Irritability, which causes a lack of attention to 'sensible things' and thus Fear is a distortion of the PROPER REALITY - both from God's Perspective and Human Eyes.
  5. Fear is a Condition for peoples unrealities, and more importantly NOT REALIZING the Realities they WANT to realize. Fear restricts us and all people on Earth from being WHO they Want and WHAT they want. It is - the Ultimate Inhibiting Factor - is not of so-called PRUDENT JUDGEMENT (most of the time) but at the same time, is sometimes warranted...but not to emphasized as if FEAR is an ADVANTAGE of some sort.


Politicians like Ted Cruz were marked by their evident Personal Traits and Motto's - with him a sense of Sarcasm [1], Valiance [2], "telling-it-like-it-is" [3] and a sense of Personal and Historical Achievement...but without the Sarcasm and relatively "benign" Personality "Effects" would there be much to him - or ANYONE for that Matter?

...then Rubio - who displayed a "youthful courage" during the last campaign - but in style may have been seen as "too nervous" or "too linear" [4] highlighted his defeat by Rivals.

Chris Christie having an "Aggressive Tempo" and a trail of "odd behavior" and yet - Charisma attracted a larger crowd than what many expected [5] - but PERCEIVED Personality Flaws (changing opinions, greed or acquisition of unfavorable contracts) were his damning stone.

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