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Friday, June 22, 2018

How to Become Like Wolverine: How To Heal Faster Than Everyone Else ("Top-Secret Methods")

Atop the front Page of a recent list of Anti-Aging articles on a popular Alternative Science Column - was a recent article about accelerated Wound Healing. 

The heated WordPress post is incredibly complex and went into all aspects of cell-repair, differentiating between bone healing, muscle healing, infection clearance and growth factors that accelerate such healing.

However, the basic methods below Constitute only a small fraction of what can be done, but are, nevertheless, Essential to Wound-Healing in general and to "accelerating" the process and thus facilitating the Special Methods we go over in the next section.

  1. Good Nutrition; Fats, Cholesterol, Omega-3's (Salmon etc), Omega 6 (Oats etc) and Micronutrients (Vitamin K esp).
  2. External Methods of Healing, Bandages, Sanitizing Wound, Pain Relief.
  3. Keeping Hydrated; Plenty of Juice, especially Vegetable and Fruit Juice.
  4. Mind Over Matter: Stress Reduction, and facilitation by determination.
  5. Hormone Optimization: Perhaps the biggest factor...from Growth Hormone, to IGF-1 to Testosterone...this part is ESSENTIAL for Healing, including improved healing...Bodybuilders (natural AND Pro) heal faster than Average, doesn't take a Genius to know that.

The "SuperHuman" Methods.

DIHEXA and NEUROTROPHIC Agents for Accelerated Healing.

Dihexa is dubbed a "Neurotrophic Wonder Drug" we've sold it under Group Buys [!] and have closely monitored the Activities and Success of other Sellers. 

It is...more than a '"Secret" Brain Tonic. Its potential surpasses that and accelerates healing at a nearly Inhuman-Pace. Combine that with "traditional" Anabolic Agents.

NOTE: Product "Number 17" an Elite "Natural" Testosterone Booster can be used if Synthetic Drugs aren't your thing.
It can be bought Here (VIP Link):

This is...the actual Secret and this is known as the Triad of for Accelerated Healing.
.However, Peptides like GHK-Cu and IGF-1 can also play a role.

In this Chapter we will go over the 3 Main Aspects of Wound Healing.
1. Clotting/Site Repair
2.) Germ Removal/Infection Clearance
3.) Tissue Repair & Regrowth

Clotting/Vasodilation/Site Repair: Blood clots at the site of the Wound in a selective and "as needed" fashion. Depending on the type and severity of the injury, this process can alter the Painful feelings associated with the Injury. Site Repair or inducing Proteins locally to repair the opening and sending a gathering of blood cells and immunogens signifies the beginning of the next phase.

NOTE: A notable prerequisite to this phase of "recruitment" of blood cells is the immediate increase in Blood Flow, that is, in varying (as needed) additional 'mini-phases' increase in blood flow by dilation and increase in the Hearts Pumping and thus increase in 'force' of circulation - which can sometimes also mean a temporary increase in blood pressure. Adrenaline and Nitric Oxide work in coordination in this context to stimulate blood flow to heal injuries, although nitric oxide plays the Dominant Role in the healing process as a Vital Messenger.

2.) Germ Removal / Infection Clearance.
The peripheral immune system is far more immediate in its responses, but an impairment in Whole Body Immunity can impair healing of extremities and wounds on them; hands/feet etc.

Germs have to be fought and removed...sort of Quarantined in order to proceed the next phase and this process may well (to some degree) continue on after this point. 

Even with 'enhanced healing', even despite these methods, sanitization of wounds is still absolutely necessary. Some bacteria like Tetanus linger and can be dangerous. 

So getting hit or stepping on a dirty nail or piece of wood that could easily harbor such Pathogens could be quite literally a death nail even with Great Healing.

It doesn't kill to be wise.

3.) Tissue Repair: The Final Repair process is succeeded by a Regrowth Process. This part is where HGH, IGF-1, HSP's and other hormonal factors come into play. GHK-Cu is especially helpful at this point [2] [3] but also before it.

This study indicates the remarkable properties of GHK-Cu as a tissue remodeler and functional accelerator of the Healing Process, known formally as a Human Tri-Peptide.


Taken in context, the concept of Tissue Regrowth makes perfect since, however, we are not Amphibians and so "repairing" a limb or part of a Tail is not the Image we should have in our Heads!

Repair of minor injuries, skin (epithelial) cells and such is a pretty feasible process.

...Muscle takes much longer and much more body energy to heal [4] and Bone is even more difficult and inevitably takes time [5]...however, some people even aside from being 'Big-Boned' have been remarked/studied as having Genes that promote this process in a spectacular way and there *IS* a such thing as "Iron-Bone" syndrome where ones bones are nearly (human equivalent of) "Adamantium" [6]

Accelerated Nutrient Delivery and "Super-Speeding" The Healing Process
In order to create a Super Human healing process - one must be able to markedly accelerate nutrient 'Delivery' - this can be done through a variety of Methods - but the greatest methods would be using a Complex Organic Fruit/Vegetable based Digestive Enzyme Complex...perhaps, at 3 Chewable tablets twice a day - all the way up to 6 per day...

The next step would be simply to enhance the Nitric Oxide level to high-normal or Supraphysiological levels, even.

This can be done easily with something like C4-Extreme (One Scoop!).

Its a wonder... that even our 'common' Bodybuilding Supplements (PreWorkout) can be used in such a fashion - and work such Magic.

...But rather than spend HUNDREDS of dollars on this aspect, we can Cap it at around 100$.

Pomegranate Juice + Pomegranate Extracts can be used to 'preserve' the GAINED Nitric Oxide - which can then lead to an 'above average' healing Process.

...and BTW, Caffeine (USA Brand) (which is included in C4 and all LIKE-PRODUCTS) is Efficient enough to work on the Adrenaline aspect [See Here].

NOTE: Although Caffeine can *technically* inhibit Collagen synthesis, if paired with molecules that promote healing, then the *nerve regeneration* aspect is enough to warrant its inclusion in Complex Wound Healing Regimens.

THE 'SUPERHUMAN' Maximus Healing Regimen.

1.) Dihexa: Dihexa is the First of the Great Superhuman drugs needed - it repairs Nerves and amplifies their production creating near Superhuman Brain Powers in the Young [7] and secondly, promotes substantially accelerated wound healing [8]. See Thread (LongeCity) Discussion. In the remarked Personal Testimony even, from skin to Bone - a moderate Injury was healed in Just 3 Days - that's with Dihexa ALONE.
2.) Digestive Enzymes + Enhanced (Organic/High Fat:Protein Nutrition) Diet: As shown before this Section - Enzymes to accelerate nutrient DIGESTION and DELIVERY + 'Superloading' of Nutrients - gives the Body what necessary *ESSENTIALS* and Substrates to Recover at a faster than Average Pace.
3.) A Viable Pre-Workout Drink Mix Daily or Post-Injury (C4 Extreme Preferred): This faciliates nitric oxide levels remarkably and 'enhances' them in a way that gives the Bodily Energy and repair 'acceleration' to create and Finish the initial processes ahead of time. 
4.) Pomegranate Juice (Immediately and Daily) and Extracts (high-potency one HERE): Preserves Nitric Oxide and antioxidants to create a formidable accelerant in this Event and - daily use puts you on a Level that simply can't be Matched.
5.) Testosterone (Nebido) + HGH + IGF-1: This final cocktail will 'unload' the Wrath of Our Inner Titan and will accelerate recovery from ALL Injuries. Again using a NON sub-standard Test-Booster (HERE) can do the same thing if you prefer natural or are Younger or Female.


Besides Testosterone, HGH, IGF-1. 

There is also TGF or Transforming Growth Factor and some anti-inflammatories like Curcumin can replicate some aspects of those Peptides.

Lastly, one could believe on one account that other factors such as.

-Antioxidant Status

...Could be manipulated in more creative ways to create similar results.

Test Stack Number 17 can actually fulfill all of these #5 + Antioxidants...they are capsules and not Injections or Gel...which may be more Convenient for some.

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