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Monday, June 25, 2018

Legal Opioid Agonists 2018 (Legal Herbal/Research Chemical Opiates 2018)

Its well known that Opiates are of the strongest painkillers, and most pleasurable. They have humongous addiction potential [1] and often, horrible (even deadly!) withdrawal symptoms to go along with it [2]. This has created an "Opiate Epidemic" [3] and several 'mini-epidemics' before they were so mainstream [4]. They have continued to be sold under various street names and covers [5] and they have been the subject of sophisticated plots involving foreign Crime Lords [6].

...To deter some of the epidemic and to make Life easier for those who can't get Opiate painkillers - many have indulged in an herb called "Kratom" - which happens to be much safer than classical opiates and has less (overall) potential for addiction [7]. That is - that the potential for Kratom addiction is so low that it is long as its not abused in excess over-the-top doses.

Other "herbal opiates" include Salvia Divinorum (which like Kratom can be smoked or made as a tea). Salvia is also known as "Diviner's Sage" - a Sage's or Spiritual Magicians favorite herb - therein lies the downside of using that particular herb for Pain...hallucinations are a common and often Desired side-effect. That is...because that herb is used for Rituals, but I made it known as it does have potent opioid-properties [8] - however, those properties hit a different type of Receptor called the "Kappa" or "K" opioid-receptor.

That receptor is known as a "Dysphoric" receptor - since it causes a decrease in Pleasure and Emotions - ironically, Salvia usually causes the opposite [9] which may be due to other properties, like Pro-Dopamine (D2-Partial Agonists) properties of the herb [10].

Lastly, only Kratom and CBD Oil have been proven as Natural Herbs (besides Marijuana) that can effectively and nearly immediately relieve Pain [11].

Although I don't believe any "herb" is inactive or useless, necessarily, I can say that many "Pain-Relieving" herbal formulas are merely snake oil.

...Produced and sold by Charlatan's and idiots.

Therefore - as opposed to our Normal Routine of listing Five or More Herbs - we are only listing TWO - those two just mentioned...but we will go over the Pharmacology of those herbs/natural ingredients.


Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa): The King of all Pain Relieving herbs, has remarkable opiate-receptor agonist properties (U-opioid mainly) [12] and also has other dopamine-releasing properties [13] which can give a sense of pleasure while on the herb. Some strains are somewhat relaxing (Bali Kratom/Red Vein Riau). The most "stimulating" or Upper-type Kratom Strains are (Maenga Da & Red Borneo).

CBD Oil: Although 'technically' is an opioid-receptor antagonist/negative allosteric modulator [14] it also can enhance the natural production of beta-endorphin and enkephalin and can eventually upregulate the Opioid-activity very shortly [15]. Besides, it has enough "other properties" - regulating a number of different systems to relieve Pain and may modulate the 'hot-pepper' pathway (TRPV1) as well [16]. This pathway also interacts with endogenous opioids [17] and thus CBD may be called the "Master-Regulating" herb for Pain-Relief...and can *CERTAINLY* go along with Kratom in severe cases of Pain and - where EXTRA Euphoria is needed without withdrawal symptoms. ;-)

Miscellaneous/Random Information: TRPV1 is supposedly involved in behavior and the irony is that Capsaicin and other hot pepper based pain-relief creams activate this pathway - perhaps making people "Hot-Headed"...for what its worth, maybe one could say that the study is in indicator for NOT USING Capsaicin-Creams Period...although, that may be a little extreme because it does help with minor pain - but many people can't handle the STING  and the BURN

...and it does cause Anxiety for some people during this process AKA the "Irritation Gone to The Brain" response!!!



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