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Monday, June 25, 2018

Natural Herbs That Give Euphoria 2018 (Most Euphoric Herbs on The Planet 2018)

We do not in any way *Promote* neither Shame those who "get high" or "seek Euphoria" or any form/state of Bliss - but we do not deliberate CONDONE it and this article is for Scientific Purposes *ONLY*.

NOTICE: This Article is a *Modification* of Our Natural Opiate Article - however it has been modified in the context that the same herbs with little variation happen to be of the most Euphoric, as well. There are several additions and Cutomizations that go further than the Opiate Agonist article and this article "hits home on all ends" - meaning it addresses EVERY ASPECT of Euphoria.

The concept of Euphoria or "extreme pleasure" or Bliss can translate into feelings of Superiority, Inhumanity, Extreme Relaxation, almost "super-human" tempo, or pleasurable whole body mini-orgasm type wave-type feelings that can come about just by being touched on the forehead or being kissed on the Hand - and this would only occur if you were to reach the Absolute *HEIGHT* (the top-of-the-pyramid) of the Chemical Euphoria Spectrum.  

The Whole-Body Sensory "Orgasm" or Total-Body Sensory Respondency Euphoria we will go over in a *Different* (Supplementary Article)...but I lie, the Concept and Cocktail needed for Whole-Body Sensory Euphoria is actually at the bottom of *THIS ARTICLE* as well.

The most Euphoric Herbs on the planet must *UNIQUELY* fit into the FIVE-SEGMENT CRITERIA.

1.) KratomOpiate Control of Euphoria: They must hit the Opiate Pathway first and foremost, this over-rides the need for Dopaminergic-over activation and as long as the herb is *SPECIFIC* for the "U-Opioid-Receptor" then this part is accomplished. Kratom is Perfect for this part - Meaeng Da Strain is what we prefer and then you would want to pair that with Ginkgo Biloba (EGB-761) for Paraventricular Nucleus Dopamine Release (The PVN) and Amentoflavone (AmentoMax) for Kappa-Opioid-Blockade [!] to *enhance* Dopamine release widespread, similar to the Anti-Depressant CERC-501 being developed for Anhedonic-Type Depressions (Dysphoric Depression 2018).

NOTE: Even Amphetamines and Methamphetamine REQUIRE the U-Opioid Pathway as a simple White-European alteration in the MU-OPIOID-Receptor gene leads to greater Euphoric effects from Amphetamine-type stimulants [Euro-PMC Study Link Here].

2.) Mega-Dopamine by Blocking AutoReceptors with Amisulpride: The next part is to simply take Amisulpride to block Dopamine "autoreceptors" and increase Dopamine-neuronal firing and rate of release - this drug easily relieves ANHEDONIA (Lack of Pleasure) as *much* or more frequently than Amisulpride is not an herb of course, but it can be used similarly as it is LEGAL. However, in place of this there is One Herbal Possibility instead - and that is to use Flowering Quince Extract as Dopamine-Reuptake Inhibitor - which can enhance Dopamine in a similar method to Ritalin [See Study Here].

Herbal Method for #2: Use (drink) Flowering Quince (Mu Gua) (Herbal Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor) DAILY at three tablespoons three times per day.

3.) Low-Dose or Moderate Amphetamine or Herbally Psoralea Corylifolia Extract: A Dopamine Norepinephrine-Reuptake Inhibitor (Natural/Herbal). 

4.) Thunbergia Laurifolia ("The Fruit of Thunder and Lightning"): Matched as a Dopamine-Releasing "Cocaine-Like" herb and identical to Cocaine's effects in many ways (See Article Here) and certainly has the ability to do all this and more - including achieving Immunological "Near-Immortality" with long-term use [!]. Since this herb both STIMULATES Dopamine + Protects against Arsenic, Lead, Pesticides and other well as drug-toxicity by modulating the vital Cytochrome-P450 and P-Glycoprotein System - this herb is the most powerful of the Euphoric-Immortality-Stack - its the foundation for turning ordinary humans into GODS.

5.) Caffeine + NALT Solution (Natrium Health): The Last "Herb" Necessary is not Really an Herb in the traditional sense. Its a natural ingredient solution offered by Natrium Health (formerly Ceretropic) - this is a sublingual (to be held under the tongue) solution which evokes strong feelings of Motivation and Pleasure - EUPHORIA - IF you play your Cards Right...that is combining in proper doses (Regular Doses) with other ingredients listed above.


Its well known that Opiates are of the strongest painkillers, and most pleasurable. They have humongous addiction potential [1] and often, horrible (even deadly!) withdrawal symptoms to go along with it [2]. This has created an "Opiate Epidemic" [3] and several 'mini-epidemics' before they were so mainstream [4]. They have continued to be sold under various street names and covers [5] and they have been the subject of sophisticated plots involving foreign Crime Lords [6].

...To deter some of the epidemic and to make Life easier for those who can't get Opiate painkillers - many have indulged in an herb called "Kratom" - which happens to be much safer than classical opiates and has less (overall) potential for addiction [7]. That is - that the potential for Kratom addiction is so low that it is long as its not abused in excess over-the-top doses.

Other "herbal opiates" include Salvia Divinorum (which like Kratom can be smoked or made as a tea). Salvia is also known as "Diviner's Sage" - a Sage's or Spiritual Magicians favorite herb - therein lies the downside of using that particular herb for Pain...hallucinations are a common and often Desired side-effect. That is...because that herb is used for Rituals, but I made it known as it does have potent opioid-properties [8] - however, those properties hit a different type of Receptor called the "Kappa" or "K" opioid-receptor.

That receptor is known as a "Dysphoric" receptor - since it causes a decrease in Pleasure and Emotions - ironically, Salvia usually causes the opposite [9] which may be due to other properties, like Pro-Dopamine (D2-Partial Agonist) properties of the herb [10].

Lastly, only Kratom and CBD Oil have been proven as Natural Herbs (besides Marijuana) that can effectively and nearly immediately relieve Pain [11].

Although I don't believe any "herb" is inactive or useless, necessarily, I can say that many "Pain-Relieving" herbal formulas are merely snake oil.

...Produced and sold by Charlatan's and idiots.

Therefore - as opposed to our Normal Routine of listing Five or More Herbs - we are only listing TWO - those two just mentioned...but we will go over the Pharmacology of those herbs/natural ingredients.


Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa): The King of all Pain Relieving herbs, has remarkable opiate-receptor agonist properties (U-opioid mainly) [12] and also has other dopamine-releasing properties [13] which can give a sense of pleasure while on the herb. Some strains are somewhat relaxing (Bali Kratom/Red Vein Riau). The most "stimulating" or Upper-type Kratom Strains are (Maenga Da & Red Borneo).

CBD Oil: Although 'technically' is an opioid-receptor antagonist/negative allosteric modulator [14] it also can enhance the natural production of beta-endorphin and enkephalin and can eventually upregulate the Opioid-activity very shortly [15]. Besides, it has enough "other properties" - regulating a number of different systems to relieve Pain and may modulate the 'hot-pepper' pathway (TRPV1) as well [16]. This pathway also interacts with endogenous opioids [17] and thus CBD may be called the "Master-Regulating" herb for Pain-Relief...and can *CERTAINLY* go along with Kratom in severe cases of Pain and - where EXTRA Euphoria is needed without withdrawal symptoms. ;-)

Miscellaneous/Random Information: TRPV1 is supposedly involved in behavior and the irony is that Capsaicin and other hot pepper based pain-relief creams activate this pathway - perhaps making people "Hot-Headed"...for what its worth, maybe one could say that the study is in indicator for NOT USING Capsaicin-Creams Period...although, that may be a little extreme because it does help with minor pain - but many people can't handle the STING  and the BURN

...and it does cause Anxiety for some people during this process AKA the "Irritation Gone to The Brain" response!!!



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