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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Let There Be No Clamor Around The Open Sea... (A Tale Of Peace and Prosperity By Endearing All Of Nature)

By: Project Area-1255/Extended Immortality Project

Let There Be No Clamor Around The Open Sea: A Tale Of Peace and Prosperity By Endearing All Of Nature

By: AMx ReBorN

I spoke in Ancient Hebrew Tongues; and the Phrase I came up with translated from SIHVAH KLEHS YEHT AHZAKOH SEVVAHKAH SAHPOOTOH translates (loosely) to "Let There Be No Clamor Around The Open Sea".

So in the Element of Creativity and surely admiring the Essence of the Same Energy, Passion and Enthusiasm - I will turn this into an Order of Information.

...Consistent with Our Goals.

 One of my Clan (Familial) Scottish Roots is that of the Urquhart Family - whose Station, Landmark/Castle is centered near the Loch Ness (River/Sea Inlet) near Inverness in an area of elusive Scottish Highlands. This same Body of Water and its sense of Enigma sparked the Legend of the Loch Ness Monster.

This root is also connected to "Cromarty" and other names popular in High-Government - and as well is of extraordinary Bravery in Legacy.

One particular legend is of a Young Man (Warrior) who courageously fights a "boar" with admirable Courage [See Story Here]...the absolutely unique and (likely) true concept...of a Celtic Courage and the Energy of this Celtic Power.

 ...But what I want to discuss today - is NATURE and why the Sea is to be Feared (respected) and Admired and why its Creatures are of the highest magnitude. 

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