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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Testosterone And Stimulant Sensitivity: Whats The Connection? (2018)

Testosterone is the principle Male Sex Hormone which of course plays a role in developing Male Sexual Characteristics such as Beard Growth, Normal Penile development, Sex Drive (libido) and Muscle Mass [1] but as mentioned in our [Previous Article] - it also plays a LARGE Role in Anxiety [2]

We mentioned briefly that it can also play a role in the "Stimulant Threshold" [3] which we will go into more deeply in this article.

Testosterone and its Androgenic Metabolites (DHT,3-Alpha-Diol) are potent "neuroactive steroids", that is - they are well-and-active in the Brain where they control Stress-Levels [4] susceptibility to Depression [5] and Anxiety [6] and act (generally) as "Positive Modulators" of the GABA-System [7].

Now you may all be familiar with all Xanax and other Benzodiazapine drugs as well as Alcohol all relieve Anxiety by Activating this Same System [8].

That right there is reason to be concerned with levels of Androgens as they are needed for chemical input into the GABA-A Receptor Complex [9].

Also Read the Full Book on this Topic (Free PubMed Page)

Its also possible they may influence the GABA-Receptor level directly [10].

Testosterone Modulates Response to Amphetamine & Cocaine

Testosterone can have different (variable) effects on Dopamine.

Amphetamine and Cocaine are well-known to act on the Mesolimbic Dopamine System [11] however Testosterone and its metabolites act on it in different ways.
First - Testosterone MUST Convert into...

  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • or Estradiol (Estrogen/E2) 
In order to affect monoamine levels like Dopamine - Testosterone ITSELF has ZERO effects on Monoamine systems because the "Free-T" fraction that everyone is so crazy about *MUST* Convert (or turn into) one of those other hormones where they then influence Monoamine levels [12].

Testosterone and The Ratio of Testosterone of Cortisol (meaning having more Testosterone than Cortisol is GOOD) also helps to Improve Response to Loud Noises thus allowing one to "tolerate" and even THRIVE off of (in Utter Optimism) All Forms and Volumes of MUSIC [!]. Thus, Testosterone and Strong Androgens in particular allow for and facilitate Musical Euphoria.

Dihydrotestosterone Neuropharmacology and Activities in Relation to Stimulants and Monoamines.

Dihydrotestosterone has several effects that modulate Monoamine response - which then correlates to how Stimulants would affect the given individual.

  1. Dihydrotestosterone remarkably activates the MAPK (Mitogen-Activated-Protein-Kinase) [13] which is directly involved in Stimulant Action and Addiction [14], there's a trend on the bi-directional activities of Androgens to (at a certain point) make Stimulants MORE Tolerable. And less damaging on the Heart [15].
  2. Dihydrotestosterone improves nerve cell communication/protection in the Hippocampus; enhancing FOCUS from Stimulants and improving Attention-Deficit (ADD/ADHD) Symptoms [16] [17] [18].
  3. Dihydrotestosterone and Androgens improve GABA and thus "level out" or smooth out the Stimulant "Up" and the "Crash" [19]. They also protect nerve cells in the Brain through related actions [See Here]
  4. Dihydrotestosterone improves the Energy-Making ability of Stimulants by enhancing Circulation and possibly Adrenaline in a way that is not harmful [19] [20] [21].
  5. Androgens can activate "Serotonin-Related" Gene Expression - such as Serotonin Transporters and TPH2 [22] leading to a decrease in serotonergic activity and as well, they suppress Serotonin in Pelvic Ganglia and prevent it from reducing sexual functions [23].
Androgens can protect against Stimulant-induced heart damages *to-a-degree* however it is NOT always the case as dual-use of both Anabolic-Androgenic-Steroids and Amphetamines or Cocaine can also hasten damages by providing EXCESS stimulation [24] - so in EXCESS Androgens (especially those that convert into the Female Hormone; Estradiol/Estrogen) can actually spike blood pressure themselves in supraphysiological amounts and thus can be counter-intuitive as opposed to "High-Normal" natural levels which may - if Aromatase is controlled protect against negative effects of Stimulants.

In older people Androgens may protect against Stroke and may protect against Hypertension-Induced Ischemic Stroke [25]. Androgens additionally affect Circadian rhythms to protect from the same and other Brain Disorders.

Dihydrotestosterone can protect vascular endothelial cells from a variety of other toxins (including METH) and oxygen deprivation in some circumstances [26] [27] [28].

Testosterone may play a role in Language Areas of the Brain [29] and thus may alter Stimulant-proclivities to being sociable and especially for MDMA/Ecstasy.

Lastly, Androgens can promote Spinal Regeneration which can lead to improved nerve function and better toleration of Stimulants by this pathway as well [30] [31] [32].

Read Also: Non-Genomic Actions of Androgens. (NIH/PubMed)

"Under normal circumstances, Aromatase and Estrogen are "stimulatory" versions of the male-hormone Testosterone - they uniquely provide stimulation and have a tendency to amplify Anxiety from Stimulants and Stress alike".
~AMx ReBorN~ (See His Article Here)

Aromatase turns Testosterone from what would be truly "Manly" hormones (Dihydrotestosterone and 3-Alpha-Diol) into a Brain-Activating surge of passionate lightning...a little bit of an exaggeration - but there was also an article a few years ago talking about how "Male Aggression is Related to Girl-Power" etc...citing studies as to how Estrogen promotes offensive, Paranoid and reactive/impulsive Aggression [33].


Higher levels of NATURAL Testosterone clearly promote LESS Anxiety and better Stimulant Tolerance and thus "level-out" the Stimulant effect and allow one to get NORMAL or even above-par SANITY-PRESERVING effects from Stimulants.

If your levels of Testosterone or Free Testosterone are LOW - you should FIRST confirm with a blood test and then do everything you can to Normalize AND Maximize them!

...For a BIG-boost you could Supplement with the incredibly effective Test-Stack Product Number 17. 

Which happens to be the Best Reviewed current Natural Testosterone-booster Complex as of June-July 2018.


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