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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

10 Common Dietary / Herbal Supplements that Are Also Endocrine-Dysregulating (that may interfere with hormones negatively)

Many people take Supplements for anything from a minor headache, to severe Anxiety , to severe autoimmune conditions : sometimes  Against the advice of their Physicians and sometimes prescribed by their G.P (General Physician)  , often this works to the individuals benefit. - but other times the very sups they are using to treat a condition, could, like any synthetic medication, be worsening other parameter's of one's health or causing homeostatic disruptions in other Organs.

In Particular, I am concerned with the capacity of certain supplements to interfere with the human endocrine System.

This essentially, means that one could using them for the health purpose intended, but along the way, after long-term usage or high-doses in the short-term , the hormone systems can get messed up. Here are the top Ten supplements that can actually be considered minor endocrine-dysregulating substances.

NOTE: They are not horribly dangerous nor anywhere NEAR the toxicity of Bisphenol-A or other estrogenic/carcinogenic substances, but they can have nasty side-effects over time.

  1. Licorice Root Extract ~ A powerful delectable in many cultures, but also, a potent anti-androgen, can disrupt fertility, and mess with Stress-hormones..caution is Warranted in excess dietary or supplemental intake of Licorice extracts/Products.
  2. Peppermint Supplements -::- Peppermint is a strong anti-androgen, and can disrupt glucose metabolism which leads to, endocrine-dysregulation when factoring in the anti-androgenic potency, especially in those already complaining of low T levels and with current or Prior psychiatric drug use.
  3. 5-HTP [`] - 5-HTP constitute's number 3 on this list because , although, it has strong anxiolytic properties (anti-anxiety), it is marketed incorrectly and also, with long-term use, can result in adverse events & side-effects alike to SSRI's; including high Prolactin levels (1) and elevated cortisol/corticosterone levels (2). {< discussion on 5-HTP>}
  4. Black Cohosh - As much as it is touted as a ''women's herb' , it has , often, nasty side-effects and can adversely effect mood and libido in some circumstances. It has several serotonergic properties which make it difficult to gauge in terms of using it with other supplements and medications , and even alone, due to those very properties - it can lead to negative side-effects .
  5. . ʂoy is a potent phytoestrogen and anti-androgen (Reference), as such, moderate and high amounts can cause endocrine-disruption, moreso in non-organic soy Products.
  6. Vitex Agnus Castus - though it may inhibit Prolactin in some cases, dose-dependently, it also can activate opioid-receptors and block the effects of Androgens - leading to substantial endocrine dysfunctions and a fast diminishment in libido, after all, it is called the ''Chaste Berry".
  7. Red Clover : Probably one of the few lesser known estrogen-boosting herbs , but often, one of the most hazardous, namely because of a qualitative lack of scientific explanations for all of its components , it maintains a mystery in the field. The other issue is it contains soy isoflavones which then , interestingly, can also over-excite the nervous system (causing Anxiety/Agitation) when in combination with the other isoflavones in the herb. Dare mixing the two together? Red Clover activates the main chemicals in Soy more than Soy alone and thus, it can be very bad using the Two.
  8. Ganoderma Lucidum AKA Is Reishi Mushroom : The extracts and food itself, contain anti-androgenic substances which are among the most potent in the plant family, well, mushroom family, be careful...very careful...
  9.  COPPER ~ Copper can wage war on your entire endocrine-system and lead to [*] not only estrogen toxicity but also excess Adrenaline (3). {it is involved in the pathology of many mental illness} <Copper Ions have been demonstrated to cause neurotoxicity in moderate , but not minor amounts>
  10. Manganese ~ Another heavy metal that can come back to bite you, BAD, while small amounts in the Diet can improve health, large amounts and high-dose supplements can cause relative endocrine and homeostatic issues, especially hastening mental illness.


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