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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Symptoms of Low Norepinephrine / Low NorAdrenaline (Signs of Low NorAdrenaline Levels)

A direct successor to Symptoms of High/Elevated Norepinephrine. This article aims to outline the effects or ''symptoms'' of low norepinephrine production/levels.

Low Norepinephrine, unlike High Norepinephrine, is not likely a result of Stress, but rather, a neurophysiological abnormality that relates back to deficit enzymes in certain parts of the Brain. Specifically, we are talking about the enzyme ''dopamine-beta-hydroxylase" or [DBH]. The condition of ''low norepinephrine'' mirrors dysautonomia - a low sympathetic state where blood pressure often falls below normal and many nervous system functions (such as alertness, breathing, reaction time and smell) are disrupted.

Of the most common causes, Copper-deficiency is significant [1].
That may be caused by...

-One may be supplementing with too much Zinc.
-One may be consuming or supplementing with too much Manganese (not Magnesium).
-One may ''super-loading'' on Vitamin C too often (>20 days of 10,000+ %RDV in a way, can evoke a condition similar to Copper-deficiency).
-One may have a congenital condition, which may relate back to enzymes involved in Copper metabolism.
-One may simply not be eating enough, or fasting too often.

The Physical symptoms of norepinephrine deficiency are as follows.

  1. Dramatic Hypotension (low blood pressure) (2)
  2. Low Heart Rate (bradycardia) (3)
  3. Severe fatigue/lethargy (4) (5)
  4. Less Strength in the Gym, due to muscle weakness (6).
  5. Poor Physical Endurance (out of breath after a short run or walk etc) (7) (8)
  6. Fat Gain, which may or may not be related to Diet (9) (10).
  7. Poor Appetite Control and unusual clinging to fatty and sweet foods (11) (12).
  8. Low Muscle Tone (muscle hypotonia) (13) (14)
  9. Ptosis of the Eyelids (!) (*Only in those with severe deficiencies usually related to a mutation in the DBH-Gene, causing pathological norepinephrine deficiency, failed autonomic system*)

  1. Loss of normal memory functions, specifically with those relating to fast-action tasks and prompt decision making. Lack of mental speed (!) ().
  2. Loss of or significant decrease in , sense of smell. (≈)
  3. Persistent Confusion, Losing Track of Time (x)
  4. Odd or Unusual Thinking Patterns, low common Sense. (▓)
  5. General Lack of Vigilance (∩), including Attentiveness to Details relating to Sound, Architecture, Smell, lack of enthusiasm (∆)(☼).
  6. Loss of Motivation, or Low Energy to Perform desirable tasks ()
  7. Loss of or weakening of short-term memory (!).
  8. Impaired recollection / retrieval of Emotional Memories (☻)
  9. Impaired Visual Acquisition / Interpretation (1,2)
  10. .Loss of desire to explore ()


  1. Retrogade Ejaculation (-)
  2. Lack of orgasm with ejaculation (-)
  3. Overly sensitive scrotum (-)
  4. Lack of hardness at the 'tip' of Penis, but otherwise healthy sexual function/response (-).
  5. Possible reduced fertility / sperm motility due to metabolic effects of norepinephrine deficiency. (-)

In order to 'FIX' A Low Norepinephrine level...

Your tasks are..
  • Get blood work to confirm it is norepinephrine-deficiency.
  • Check hair and blood Copper levels with a Doc.
  • Urine 24-hour analysis of metabolites; normetanephrine and metanephrine.
  • If you are taking Zinc, lower the dose  or stop the supplement immediately.
  • Check your blood pressure and heart rate daily.

Now, assuming it is of unknown origin, look into specific exercise routines. If Copper comes out low, then supplement with Copper tablets.

However, do not overload, or load, or otherwise mega-dose Copper, as it is a very potent mineral, and too much is no good either.

Look into some venotonic herbs, and start a thermogenic diet with adequate Vitamin C.

Lastly, consider purchasing a quality Rhodiola Rosea supplement like 'Super Rhodiola' by Ceretropic.

  • Rhodiola Rosea rejuvenates the adrenal system and boosts the hypothalamic noradrenaline system, leading to energizing of the adrenal and hypothalamic systems (1) (2) 

The reason I recommend his supplements are because they all have certificate of analysis from a lab, to confirm the ingredients are as listed, and not contaminated. Also, his products have a very high feedback rating, and no sketchy or spammy marketing methods.


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