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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Symptoms of High Norepinephrine/NorAdrenaline Levels (Symptoms / Signs of Elevated Noradrenaline)

Writing a Summary on norepinephrine is not a particularly complicated task, however, it has to be note norepinephrine itself is distinctly different than other neurotransmitters. Partly because norepinephrine has one of the largest roles in the human adrenal system as opposed to other neurotransmitters which have negligible roles (1). Norepinephrine thus follows a different pattern of release, and due to its localization in the adrenal medulla (innermost part of adrenal glands) as well as its prompt uptake onto platelets following stress (2), has far more 'physical' effects or 'symptoms' than an excess of other neurotransmitters.

Abnormal norepinephrine elevations are MUCH more common than serotonin or dopamine elevations (beyond normal) (3), and norepinephrine is secreted during stress (4) and follows a stress and / or physical activity release pattern that surpasses (Easily) the release serotonin / histamine during stress.

In fact, it can be said that norepinephrine elevations are involved in almost every neuropsychiatric disorder to some extent; including Depression (5), Anxiety (all forms) (6) and phobias (7). Seizure disorders (8) and Schizophrenia (paranoid type) (9) also include norepinephrine elevations in study.

††Its key to state that norepinephrine has a next step - it can convert into Adrenaline (10), if it has the proper prerequisites ~(!)~ .  Adrenaline produces far more physical effects than noradrenaline, and prefers beta-adrenergic-receptors a little more than noradrenaline which slightly prefers the alpha-adrenergic receptors for its actions. ˠ††


  • Persistent Tension (!)
  • Muscle Rigidity (!)
  • Hand Tremors (!)
  • Cold Hands / Feet (!)
  • Jittery, Nervous, Distractable (1,2)
  • Hyperresponsive Reflexes (!) 
  • Flinchy (Easily Flinches etc) (!)
  • Feelings that your skin is being Invaded, bugs under skin, strange sensations in  Skin (1, 2, 3)
  • Lack of Pain Sensation or Sensation in General (!)

  • High Blood Pressure, or high-end of normal (140+ Systolic, Top Number, in younger patients) (1,2)
  • Fast Heart Rate or higher than normal for Age Range (1,2)
  • Heart Rate rises fast in response to sudden noise, jumpiness correlates to heart rate (!)


  • Scrotum is ''full''. roughened. Not loose and hanging. (!)
  • Penis is smaller, or constricted, shrunk due to peripheral adrenaline influences. (!)
  • Erectile Dysfunction (usually severe and worsens during Stress) ()


  • Hypervigilant, Suspicious of Others/Paranoid (!).
  • Anxious, Irritable (1,2)
  • Prone to Agitation (!)
  • Over-Reacting, blowing things out of proportion (1,2,3)
  • Super-attentive to sounds and smells (heightened sense of smell and hearing) (1,2)
  • Manic Behavior (!)
  • Little Appetite throughout the Day (!)
  • Heavily involved in PTSD-Symptoms (!)


Long-Term Reduction
  1. Follow a Zinc-rich and fruit Rich diet for 3 weeks; eat seafood , preferably oysters and crab meat 2 times a week for the first two weeks, then spread out after that. Consume beets and / or spinach & Arugula with main meals in Evening time. 
  2. Start Magnesium supplements ASAP, Magnesium is a key mineral in controlling norepinephrine levels both basal (Resting) and in response to Stress (!).
  3. See a Therapist/Counselor or Hollistic Practitioner to get your mind off Stress, if it is severe enough, these options are more warranted - especially if the symptoms of high norepinephrine are destroying your capacity for a normal life. 
  4. Look into "Relora"; one of the most powerful anxiolytic/anti-anxiety supplements on the market and remarkably efficient at reducing Stress-related manifestations (!).
  5. Long-Term - we need to focus on relieving Stress-responses, but to do that, we need to Remove or abate the *ROOT* of our Stress. If that takes meditation , or music therapy, look into 'em, they may help a lot !!


  • For Possible Erectile Dysfunction, related to noradrenaline, there are two prominent options with solid scientific proof and supported by those of high medical background; a PDE-5 Inhibitor combined with an alpha-1-uroselective blocker or alpha-blocker selective for a1-adrenergic ONLY. (1) (2)

  1. Cialis is recommended for daily use.
  2. Either Flomax, or Prazosin for quelling/removing adrenaline effects in Penis.

Magnesium Oil can be applied directly to the Penis as well.


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  1. So is it high zinc causing insufficient sense of smell?

    1. but it's Possible, could also be cadmium/lead in the blood. Mercury can interfere with the senses, including the auditory-cortical functions. Hearing.

    2. I would try to boost norepinephrine, or specifically, inhibit the Reuptake. Have you ever tried small amounts of Adrafanil? What is the nature of your Issue?

    3. My symptoms definitely match high norepinephrine. Mentally it's a 'feeling of pressure' to move or hyperresponsiveness. Sensitive to sounds. Fast heart rate 70-90 beats pm. This all was worse in the past. But little sense of smell. Cadmium and mercury hardly. Lead possible. Also when still taking 5htp I had blood test for Zn and Cu. Zinc was 24.8 micromol/L (11.1-19.5), Copper 13.9 (11.0-22.0). I took zinc supplements then. And funny but fruits - I had a lot of them. Low protein though. I think I'll return to this question later.
      By the way I do have some minor problems with getting up and problems were also worse since childhood. But it is more related to freshness feeling for short period, not very deep sleep feature at all. I guess it's DA receptors issues. 'D1 receptor agonist improves sleep-wake parameters in experimental parkinsonism.', 'Wake-promoting actions of dopamine D1 and D2 receptor stimulation.'

    4. 'Women really DO have a better sense of smell than men: Study finds female brain has almost 50% more olfactory cells. Researchers have solved the mystery of why women have a better sense of smell than men - and say it is all down to their brain.'
      'Mitral cell beta1 and 5-HT2A receptor colocalization and cAMP coregulation: a new model of norepinephrine-induced learning in the olfactory bulb.'?
      Iggy from the UK on the forum talks that also.

  2. Thanks for all the links and commentary. You are opening up some very interesting discussions. Feel free to post on the forum as well. I think you will find a lot more attention there, as the comments here are a little damper.

    I Agree about the women and smell part. Definitely true. Though, there are some men who have very powerful noses. :D

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