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Friday, March 11, 2016

How Does Lead Affect Neurotransmitters? (Easy to Read/Understand Bulleted List for Newbie's) (Goes Over Each Neurotransmitter Individually)

Lead is a neurotoxic heavy metal which can cause atrophy (cell death) of brain cells/neurons and can also magnify the deleterious effects of Vitamin deficiencies (1) (2). *Prefrontal Cortex* damage is incredibly profound after long-term exposure and thus, correlates with mPFC alterations in animal studies are validated by such findings in humans (3) (4)

Lead is implicated is neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders; Parkinson's, Autism, Anxiety, Aggressive/AntiSocial Behavior are all related (5).

Lead directly influences reproductive hormones and can cause infertility and loss of normal sensation in the skin as well as loss of neurons in Pelvic Ganglia (neurons near reproductive tissues/organs and skin-sensitive fibres) (6) (7).

  • Lead blocks NMDA-Glutamate Receptors which leads to some of the reported cognitive deficits and behavioral / cognitive inflexibility (lack of flexibility in thinking patterns are a result of lead's glutamate-blockade) (8) (9).
  • Lead alters metabatropic-Glutamate-Receptors which results in short-term Memory-deficits (10).
  • Lead alters dopamine Uptake and in many cases, speeds the deterioration of Dopamine-neurons which can lead to ADHD-like and Parkinson's-like symptoms (11) (12) (13).
  • Toxicity of Lead ((Pb++)) leads to changes in Acetylcholine; an increase in some brain regions, but a decrease in others - leading to ''distorted neurotransmission'' (14)..


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