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Monday, March 28, 2016

4 Evidence Based Natural Tinnitus Treatments (How to Treat/Cure Tinnitus With Herbs/Supplements)

There seems to be a lot of products on the market nowadays geared towards Tinnitus, as well as other Ear-related conditions. Some products even claim to boost hearing in general. When it comes to vestibular disorders, the range of products leads to a very sketchy marketplace - where you have a large amount of different herbal products all claiming to do the same thing. Proprietary blends confound the average mind, and false reviews give false hope. I think that people deserve to find a place that cites proper University References and links genuine products that actually contain what is said on the label.

After days of lengthy research and following up with my mates at Univ of Maryland ( ), I have concluded a small list of lab-verified, ingredient-confirmed and well studied herbal products that can be safely used (Ingested or Topical) to treat / eliminate Ringing in the Ears AKA Tinnitus.

  1. EGb 761® : A specific Extract of Ginkgo Biloba, is the only proven form of Ginkgo with thorough medical / scientific application/s. It is also the only extract proven to treat / alleviate Tinnitus, while other forms of the extracts Either fail, or demonstrate little effect (1) (2)(3). EGb 761® is sold in the USA as "Ginkgold" by Nature's Way (4).
  2. Garlic Essential Oil :  Particularly useful for dissolving ear wax & for treating Ear Infections as well as any tinnitus resultant from that infection (5) (6) (7).....
  3. Zinc Supplements : Almost all Tinnitus-affected individuals have been noted to have some degree of a Zinc-deficiency, and the majority of all Tinnitus-afflicted individuals benefit highly from Zinc supplementation (8). Solgar and NutraBio are the best brands.
  4. Ginger Root Extract : Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory (9) and is regularly reported to improve stubborn cases of Tinnitus (10) and is cited in several other home remedy pages to be among the most effective Tinnitus treatments (11) (12). Finally, it improves blood flow to the inner ear while imparting anti-inflammatory/anti-irritant effects when applied directly as an essential oil, much like Garlic (13)
  5. Japanese cornel dogwood (Cornus officinalis) : The fruits of this plant have been used for Centuries in China for almost every inner ear disorder imaginable! With this one, it is best to apply as an essential oil that has the proper amount of "Ursolic Acid" as shown in the studies (14). It's also known as "Asiatic Dogwood".....

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