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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Herbs / Sups to Protect Against Arsenic Poisoning / Accumulation

In my previous post , I had talked about Reversing some of the Deleterious effects of Mercury exposure/accumulation in the Body, now I am going to go over some natural Supplements that may Confer protection against Bodily Arsenic Accumulation.

I am placing Special Emphasis on this Article, as it seems there is a Bias. Many who Think of "Arsenic" think Of Direct Poisoning (like the slip-in-a-Drink kind) as You Would See in a Movie (by a depraved Significant Other etc..). Some would think of it as Not A Problem *less one Works as A Mechanic or with Volatile Chemicals.

While these are possibilities, a more Common cause of inorganic Arsenic Poisoning/Accumulation is the use of Tobacco (1). This includes Cigarettes, Chewing Tobacco, and other Tobacco products (2).

Other causes of Arsenic Poisoning may include...

-Contaminated Drinking Water
-Contaminated Plant Foods
-Fish in Contaminated Living Environment

Now, Arsenic interrupts the Cell / Energy / Respiration Cycle resulting in decreased ATP-Production (Adenosine TriPhosphate). It also causes Oxidative Stress and thus, significant Cell Disruption & Cell Stress (3).

The main cause of Death related to Arsenic Poisoning is usually Kidney Failure.

Those around the Affected usually note a 'Garlic' Smell/odor/odour.

The following Herbs may be Useful to Protect against Arsenic's toxic effects on Cells / Organs.

India, Bangladesh, Taiwan & Chile have a Serious Groundwater Pollution Issue, although, it has Improved in some Areas as of 2014.
A Randomized Placebo Controlled Study Noted that Spirulina Extract & Zinc is an Effective treatment for Chronic Arsenic Poisoning. The latter helps to remove/excrete the metal from the Blood and to block neurological damage, while the Former provides substantial AntiOxidant Support and staves off the Organ Damage.

Spirulina Extract can be Bought Here -->

Zinc Picolinate is the best Form of Zinc Alone or Combined with a Chelate-form -->

Folate speeds Arsenic excretion and decreases blood Arsenic concentration.

It is routinely used along with CYSTEINE In some Arsenic Toxicity cases , especially Women & Children.

FOLATE Supplements can be used Safely but should not Exceed 5000 mcg Per day. Folate can be Bought Here -->

N-Acetyl-Cysteine can be Bought HERE -->

~RESVERATROL~ is an Extremely Potent AntiOxidant which can Tremendously Protect the Neurological Systems from Arsenic Exposure. It should be used with All above Sups for Extensive Protection to be Ensured.

It is best bought as an HPLC-Tested/COA-Validated Pure Trans-Resveratrol Product w/ An  Absorption Complex.

Can be Bought HERE in such Form.

*Other Main References*

Mechanisms Pertaining to Arsenic Toxicity

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