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Friday, March 25, 2016

World's Most Powerful Aphrodisiac. Does it Exist? What is It?

Let's face it. At some point in a Man's life - there is going to be the question of "how can I maximize my Sexual Prowess". What sort of miraculous concoction can turn me into a 'sex God'. As delectable as the idea sounds. The answer will never be simple, even with science advancing as far as it has in the last decade. 

However, we have come up with some notable aphrodisiacs in the last few years that have been subject to rigorous testing, and there are several 'sex-drugs' in clinical testing, some of which may outperform Viagra and PT-141 by a factor of 5. 

While this is certainly fascinating, it may also be unnecessary for most individuals to go down this route. Yet, if we see a supplement on the market, one attracting significant attention, and looking glamorous, and yet then begin to see the ridiculous monopoly involved in marketing sex supplements - it really tips the scale of realists back into the Research & Development area.

To be clear, Yes, I am saying that there are realists involved in and even obsessing on, sex supplements. 

Let's get back to the main topic, does a 'world's most powerful aphrodisiac' EXIST?.

In order to Answer that we must define ''most powerful''.
In my eyes, it would be something like...

  • A compound or formula that.
  1. Increases rapidly and exponentially, the sexual desire of a male and female to = that of a extremely horny teenager or even surpass that level of *persistent* desire. One that inevitably evokes such 'obsessional' sexual desire and continuance of fantasies, that would make such a tonic or ingredient possibly offensive, or even questionable to multiple groups, and for your average enthusiast, they would remarkably state it as ''possibly going too far''.
  2. One that works equally in every individual, irrespective of Biology. 
  3. & Lastly, one that has little to no side-effects despite the above read on it's generalities .
It could also be..
  • One compound that.
  1. Produces persistent genital arousal . [ see here for reference compound ]
  2. Creates an unwavering need to reproduce but manifested by arousal leading to desire, rather than the other way around.

The second would be more uncomfortable and even less acceptable than the First one.

To date, there is nothing that specifically does these things to that par or extent, but there is a couple supplements that come very close according to the literature and reports.

The first is a Testosterone-booster known as  PhytoSERMS 347 .which is shown in clinical studies to increase Total Testosterone levels in Men by :::.347%.:::.. Now , I was skeptical about this as well at first, so I had some of my buddies who work in a lab all day test the parameter's, and re-test them on their own animal subjects, a couple turned out at around 308%, but there were 30 on par with those Results. They tested the supplement for purity and found it contained the below ingredient profile. 

So yeah, No, no drug-spiking or anything funky with it. Which is Good news. 

Now above all of this, there is something far more interesting. In fact, it should have been mentioned first, but because it isn't publicly available and is more of a incredibly small-inner-circle research project - to which we have no idea the current progress thereof, it was listed at this point in this article.

It's called Tx2-6.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a component of the *Phoneutria Nigriventer's* Venom AKA The Brazilian Wandering Spider. It is currently being investigated in the Medical College of Georgia as a treatment/cure for Erectile Dysfunction; one that would surpass and outperform Viagra by a factor of 5. It also would cure or at least treat hyposexual disorders in Women (!) ...

Now, we can't obtain this chemical (YET) and,.. it is a strange , complex, protein residue with a very peculiar uptake mechanism, it cleaves to other proteins on nerve cells and literally instigates nitric oxide release , causing immediate vasodilation and , this nitric oxide release was so strong that it was able to IMMEDIATELY overpower the negative effects of a high-dose of DEOXYCORTISONE - a cortisol like compound that causes severe high blood pressure and degradation of sex hormones.

However, Area-1255 is currently working on a project, which aims to rival this chemical and it has two purposes.
  1. To skyrocket Testosterone production as well as DHT-production (it will stimulate 5-alpha-reductase x10).
  2. To massively increase nitric-oxide production. Immediately.

It will be a sublingual formula, for now, check out PhytoSERMs 347 which is quite powerful and manifests many of the same effects, just, to a lesser ġegree. :)


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