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Monday, March 28, 2016

Can An MRI Tell You How Intelligent You Are? (Area-1255 Q's/A's)


 Can An MRI Tell You How Intelligent You Are?



However, with a fMRI ; Functional MRI, it is possible to evaluate brain activity patterns associated with blood flow, and to determine the brain regions with the most activity (e.g mPFC (Medial Prefrontal Cortex)  vs  lPFC (Lateral Prefrontal Cortex) or Limbic Regions VS Hippocampus).

Your I.Q can't classically be determined even by an fMRI, but there can be a reasonable estimate as to the predominating cognitive functions which can determine the degree of intellectual function an individual may possess. 

A Classical MRI (structural) can not fetch these findings and an fMRI is rarely used in medical procedure, but rather, for research purposes. However, in some physical conditions that demand more thorough testing (progressive demyelination/myelin degeneration, idiopathic migraine that is largely treatment resistant, autoimmune disorders that affect the nervous system e.g lupus, M.S), an fMRI may be warranted. In which case, you can ask for or discuss it with your Physician/Specialist.


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