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Friday, December 12, 2014

Similar and Legal Variants of the "ECA Stack" Discussion with Cyber-Outlaw "Corageon"

One stack that has worked particularly well for me, while on a cut, has been my own custom, legal, ECA alternative.....

That alternative consists of...

  • Caffeine 200mg / PW
  • Yohimbine 7.5mg / PW
  • Albuterol / 11 puffs.

The science behind this, is that Caffeine occupies adenosine, increases calcium uptake , and then inhibits phosphodiestearases, while Yohimbine gives a better pump, more thermal energy production, and helps shed fat. Albuterol synergizes with the yohimbine to also increase vasodilation, and to increase nervous system strength and muscle contractions.

The particular products I use are below.
Cheap, and effective.


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