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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Power of the United States Military

There is an ongoing topic of discussion that is littered with innumerable facts and opinions. If we left out the opinions, and counted the facts, we'd indefinitely have our answer. Is The United States the most powerful nation on Earth?

A common debate is whether or not nations like China, Russia, Pakistan, or North Korea could conquer the U.S. Many people even fret about the threat other nations foolishly throw at us. Spending countless hours a week watching the news and wondering if North Korea really will go to war with us. Should we be worried?
 Here, we will compare our nations military might to what is commonly known as our most worthy adversary - China. Lets look at the statistics.
For starters, the United States is the highest spender in defense coming in at over $700 billion a year. The next in line? China, whose yearly spending averages at slightly over $140 billion a year, The United States spends more on defense than China, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Saudi Arabia, Japan, India, and Germany combined. For those of you who aren't familiar with the importance finances in defense spending, it is simply the backbone of an able military force.

We haven't scratched the service.

Lets compare capabilities.

We have ten aircraft carriers. The largest warships ever built. Mobile military bases with offensive and defense capabilities. With a range not measured in miles, but in tens of years. Usually escorted by destroyers carrying the worlds most advanced air defense system, and nuclear powered attack submarines, these aircraft carriers hold around 5,000 able bodied personnel and 80-90 fixed wing aircraft. So no, these aircraft carriers are not vulnerable to attack by land, air, or sea, and China does not have the technology to track, lock on, or target a carrier. China also lacks the firepower necessary to significantly damage an aircraft carrier to the point of disabling it. We have ten in service at this very moment. Two in reserve. Three under construction. China has one which we consider an amphibious assault ship due to its small size, and one under construction.

Lets move on to a comparison of land systems.

The M1a2 Abrams with steel encased depleted uranium armor, depleted uranium penetration rounds, and gun turret stabilization technology, offers its usually combat experienced crew NBC protection and separation from fuel tanks in case of an unlikely heat round penetrating the armor. The diverse capabilities of this tank are too many to mention. This is the most advanced tank. During countless engagements involving enemy 125 mm fire, and in all other instances, none were ever destroyed.

The Chinese Type 99 has a 125 mm gun, and efficient weapon stabilization for the secondary gunner only. It fires uranium rounds that are unable to penetrate the armor of an Abrams. 
China has around 700 of these tanks, while we have 6,324 Abrams in service. 
We have 25,782 armored fighting vehicles most of which are amphibious and can be deployed from air and sea. We can also deploy them from one of our nine amphibious assault ships which double as aircraft carriers. These AFVs can also be brought to land by 10 amphibious transport docks, or 12 dock landing ships. China has 4,788 AFVs and 3 amphibious assault ships.

There are 8,400 attack helicopters in the world. The United States owns 6,400 of the most advanced attack helicopters. 
United States air power, 13,683. Fighter jets with stealth technology insure that the enemy aircraft is destroyed without the pilot knowing he was about to be engaged. 
The number that accounts for China's air power is 2,700. Their latest fighter jets in service are generations behind ours. 
While their average fighter jet does have greater capabilities in travel range and speed, its counter measures, radar, weapon systems, and payloads are significantly far behind. 
The Chinese j-15s have hard to low observable characteristics, but the average U.S. fighter jet has air to air refueling capabilities, an electronic warfare system, an extremely advanced radar, very large super cruise range, health monitoring systems, and the most precise guided, lock on weaponry on fighter jets. None of which China's most advanced fighter jet has. 

While China does take the lead in available manpower, outnumbering us 5 to 1, they are using not only severely outdated hardware, but less training for their troops. The U.S. government ensures that almost all of our soldiers are deployed within four years to become experienced. Our weapon systems, training, and communications far outdo that of the Chinese. The United States military performs more joint exorcises than any other military in the world to ensure fighting capability in any situation. They are known for winning against the odds.  

It is said that with training and technology taken into account, the United States could fight the next five most powerful countries combined and easily procure a victory. 

If anyone disagrees feel free to comment with the absence of opinion.  Statistics and facts are far more convincing. 

As for now, I would highly suggest watching my video.


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  6. us military all the way!! my ex was a navy seal.

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