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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Why (Past & Current) Criticism of and the Scrutiny of DR.Michael Scally M.D (and his career) is Displaced, Narrow and Blind, and where the Criticism likely originates From.

First, these are very logical and self-drawn conclusions of mine, and I see the placement of them as appropriate forms of enlightenment . I do not work for Mr.Scally, and I have no connections to him in any direct manner - but the arguments I form are based on principle , detail, and firm observations that I think many overlook.

Michael C. Scally, M.D., appeals the district court's judgment affirming the final order of the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners (the Board), which revoked his license to practice medicine in Texas.   The Board ordered the license revocation after determining that Scally violated the Texas Medical Practice Act, Tex. Occ.Code Ann. §§ 151.001–167.202 (West 2004 & Supp.2010), by prescribing anabolic steroids to patients without a valid medical purpose and by failing to keep adequate medical records for some of those patients.   In six issues, Scally contends that the district court erred by affirming the Board's final order.   We will affirm the district court's judgment because we find no error in the Board's final order and conclude that it was supported by substantial evidence. - See more at:
The ALJ concluded that Scally's conduct was intentional based on his pattern of marketing to people interested in bodybuilding and providing them with anabolic steroids. - See more at:

Where is the pattern though? Just because he is present on forums that talk about anabolic steroids, and that he has provided evidence from certified medical journals/boards about the effects of the hormones on muscle mass (that's what steroids are, modified hormones) - doesn't mean he is marketing them, and he provides sound and hard evidence where it applies to specific medical conditions, such as previous AAS-induced hypogonadism, or just hypogonadism in general!

Doesn't mean that he was the one prescribing the AAS in the first place! Haven't seen any evidence of that preceding either, and everyone should know, that just like most drugs, simply quitting AAS cold turkey usually ends up in a much more profound "shock process" on the body. Especially if one doesn't follow a proper "PCT Protocol" to re-boot their hormone production, and trust me, there are a lot of people who don't read ENOUGH before they take ANY drug, let alone just AAS, period!

Thus it's a blessing to have a legitimatized person such as Scally, who can provide advice and HPTA restoration protocols (again, supported by medical study , not anecdotes only) , and yet define them in an understandable manner. To try to attack this notion and the practice of restoring muscle mass by compounds already approved (and being used by therapeutic dose), is as illegitimate as defining all democrats and republicans as the same because a small group of them support a basketball team in which two players were convicted of using drugs. make it clear, the common testosterone marketing strategies and such companies talking about testosterone replacement therapies often talk about the benefits in regards to muscle mass, we see these ads EVERYWHERE! So in my humble opinion, the scrutiny and attacks on Mr.Scally are based off of discrimination and him being in a situation take advantage of, where circumstances were partially unearthed, pointed at and then ridiculed as corruption without adequate digging to understand the whole circumstance.

Despite the apparent lack of detail, let us first understand that anabolic steroids do indeed have further legit medical purposes , in many cases - and if there was more substantial incriminating evidence , such as bodybuilders coming forward in linear discussion or something to that effect , then I could say that could be an issue...but you have to look in between the lines to see what's really going on. You also have to look at the corporations and political endeavor's that may be annoyed by or offended by Scally's notoriety, because he is very knowledgeable in the areas of interest; endocrine fields and hypogonadism, he probably poses a risk to their anti-steroid crusade, and this was also remarked in this article

ALSO LOOK AT HOW THERE IS AN INCREASE BY THE U.S GOVERNMENT,SENATE AND PRESIDENT ETC - to attack , dismantle and ban more anabolic compounds - and interestingly , most compounds on the NEW DESIGNER ANABOLIC STEROID CONTROL ACT (DASCA) really aren't that dangerous, and aren't even traditional steroids by literature.


THE WAR ON DRUGS, BUT YET....these "drugs" also , when used properly , are some of the most powerful ANTI AGING compounds known to man - and have many more legitimate uses than normally realized, simply because the press is told to portray a certain story or view . Most are kept in line by fear, as well.

It all loops back to the same corrupt establishment that is being rigorously opposed by many major liberty candidates, and in times of pressure, these shadow raccoons (and their downlines) simply squeal about the potential health revolution produced by transhumanists and anti-aging clinics alike.

BECAUSE SCALLY HAS OPPOSED TO THE FEAR-INDUCED DOCTRINE, AND THE FOUNDATION BUILT OFF OF DISPLACED ETHICS, they simply attack this man at what they see to be his core, but I hope he follows the model of "what has weakened me has only made me stronger" - because certainly , he should be seen as no less than a hero , one who stands by an important revolution and attempts to sort out the nonsense coming from central grounds of idiocy, and paid off anti-revolutionaries and shills for specific corporations to which are kissing the ASS OF THE FDA AND GETTING THEIR ASSES KISSED BACK!

Going back to the anti-testosterone marketing (or prescribing) brigade, let me elaborate again on scenarios and sequences that are often misinterpreted!

For example , one person who may be on testosterone replacement therapy, may not respond to gels favorable, or perhaps they get a skin reaction, which has been documented, in addition gels produce more DHT and possibly hair loss for some men. So say he switches these men / groups to SHOTS (which are also legal), and say these men in particular start feeling better, and are then beginning an advanced exercise regimen that may be directly or indirectly recommended by Mr.Scally, now these individuals gain mass in a period of months. As opposed to a lack of muscle mass that was apparent before due to whatever may have caused their hypogonadism or reasons for beginning testosterone treatment, now you're tellin me this kinda scenario can be seen as the equivalent to prescribing steroids?

If someone is HYPOGONADAL , they are going to almost certainly have signs and reduced muscle mass in particular, in addition to bone mass / density issues and probably blood pressure issues as well!

So it shouldn't be any surprise that someone would build mass back after restoring a positive and favorable hormone biology, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy is also being prescribed / supported by at least over 100,000 physicians worldwide(!).

Consider a few facts and logical arguments.

  • Somebody is on testosterone replacement therapy, because they were diagnosed with hypogonadism, they start to feel better after a period of weeks, and as a result of both mental and physical improvement - they start to hit the gym more.  Logically, if they build a lot of mass, especially if they were known to be somewhat stocky or hefty in the past, then they are simply re-instating their health and restoring what is given to them by the grace of their simply can't make an argument against someone who has built mass because of the loosely defined term "Anabolic Steroids" which can cover any of the normal testosterone replacement therapies as well as other compounds! This is like saying that all of everyone is weak genetically, and if you gain 10lbs of mass in a month and a half, and largely no one has seen you for that month and a half, that oh, "he must be on steroids" - when these people see you no one is genetically gifted, and might respond with normal or restored normal levels of testosterone a bit more than others?
  • The list defining compounds as anabolic steroids keeps growing and changing every year, and let's not forget there are certainly politicians and other people out for money, who would rather make a campaign against these compounds on all levels, so that they can keep the spiral of black market fraud, jobs for law enforcement etc going - than to legitimize a practice or practices that are keeping people in shape and healthy....oh but if they were to choose, they would line their own pockets!
  • Another bit of logic, if Medical Records were said to be held back , then why on earth would they even go to make following determinations - just to cascade the blanketing statement of "marketing drugs" - yet the wise overseer forget to pick up protocol in the same sentence, and to figure out that every compound has a legit purpose...the same can be said about ARIMIDEX, it's technically only used in female breast cancer / gynecology departments, but if one's estrogen is high - which CERTIANLY poses a health risk in both men and women, then a Doc has and should have the authority to prescribe it with the TRT. Interestingly, Scally didn't even go that far, the compounds implemented in therapy were actually right in the proper categories!

The range of doses that would apply to therapeutic principles and to re-starting the HPTA are clearly going to be different than doses used in means of building significant muscle mass , there is merely weak conjecture at best talking about Scally's specific misuse / mispractice - and it really doesn't prove anything against his credibility - where are the people targeting THE NARCOTICS ISSUE, which are FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT!

The government has all-round done LESS against narcotics than they have against testosterone related therapies or compounds - and that's interesting...because who is actually bringing some of the narcotics INTO THE US? Hmmm, I wonder!


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