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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Legal Alternatives to TRT; Other options besides Testosterone Replacement Therapy? Without a prescription? OTC Alternatives?

NOTE: The products listed in this article are no longer available (permanently discontinued!) but if you want something similar check out Test-Stack-RX. A scientifically and medically proven Testosterone-booster with lab-analysis.

Having been well-read on this subject, as well as having experience with such - I can tell you that when a man meets that unfortunate dilemma of deciding between testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) ( especially without good insurance) and deciding to go natural or do something alternative, while knowing the chances are much lower of getting a good number, the situation can be incredibly frustrating and mind-boggling...

If you are primary hypogonadal, this situation is even more dire. 

TRT can be incredibly expensive without good insurance, but even then, there are still some downsides to TRT that may prompt one to look elsewhere to fix their low T levels in another manner.

Those negatives are as follows.

  • Doctors fail to monitor estrogen levels, or estrogen becomes too high and isn't treated.
  • You fear needles, or hate to inject.
  • Testicular pain, due to atrophy or loss of fertility.
  • You have liver damage, or your liver enzymes become astonishingly elevated while on TRT.
  • Gels rise your DHT too high, and as a result, you experience hair loss.
  • Your prostate issue worsens, or you develop enlarged prostate while on HRT/TRT.
  • Your cholesterol goes sky high on TRT/HRT.
  • You develop bone density abnormalties while on TRT/HRT.
  • Your libido drops to the floor while on TRT/HRT , and fertility diminishes.
The biggest question is, what alternatives are there, that are safe and avoid the above issues?

One option is using a gel that doesn't cause estrogen buildup, preferably one you can get over the counter. Most importantly, a diverse compound gel that is legal, without a prescription and doesn't cause as many of the best ones in my experience is a product called RS Transaderm shown below!

The benefits of this over traditional testosterone replacement therapy, are that the main androgenic (hormonal) compounds are mixed with both antioxidants and anti-estrogen compounds - that allow you to reach higher testosterone levels without getting side-effects and estrogen elevations.

In addition, the antioxidants promote general health and are able to rejuvenate all of your cells and not just your sex hormones. It is an expensive product ( 177 $ ) , but is well-worth it if either you can't afford test replacement or HRT, or other alternatives such as herbal test boosters don't work enough or at all !!

RS Transaderm truly is amazing, and one of my favorite over the counter hormone replacement gels.

It can be bought from "Ruthless Supplements" .....

Another option that may be particularly useful for men who have developed "gynecomastia" on TRT/HRT, is a product called "Andractim" gel, you may have heard of it - it isn't directly available in the USA, but can be purchased online through the main clinics supplier - "All Saints Clinic".

Instead of converting to estrogen, andractim DHT gel is a hormone replacement gel that actually antagonizes estrogen (E2), and can cure gynecomastia if it is a moderate case...severe cases may require surgery though.

Click HERE for All Saints Clinics HomePage 


AND FINALLY, an orally available alternative to TRT; out of all the pills instead of TRT; I would say one that has stood the test of time and merit, more than any other would be the novel PHYTO-SERMS 3-4-7 product.
{click the image to go to the site}

The great thing about this product, is not only is it in capsule form, but the ingredients, shown below, are very diverse and can stimulate your body's natural production of testosterone by at least 347% (hence the name phytoSERMs "3-4-7")

Now let's be clear, I hate "bro-science" and "sho-science" - but this product, when I took it, it definitely surged my levels  wayyyy up - far before even getting blood work I could tell that it really lived up to it's "tales"

While I agree the product is a bit over-marketed (and over-advertised), at least the ingredients are honest and the product works. 


  1. RS Transaderm makes more sense, as ADR would likely decrease estrogen too much - but it would be ideal for men who developed gyno on their hormone replacement / TRT. Other than that, I can vouch for RST's effectiveness, both on cycle and off, and as both a replacement and addition to TRT!

  2. Andractim makes more sense tbh, mainly because estrogen issues are much more common than people realize, especially with regular 'ol gels. Could be a question of purity, or conversion rates, or how much makes it past the epidermis! Least with andractim you don't have to worry about enzymatic conversion or estrogen buildup, just my two cents though. Would be more suitable for many aging men.

  3. My hubby uses RS transaderm and since 3 weeks ago he's been def gaining more weight. Getting more muscular , veins and everything. It's an expensive product but definitely seems to be worthwhile. :)

  4. Andractim is very expensive, so is RS transaderm, but if you got the funds, they are both more than worth it - preferably together. You can legally get both, I would say the combination of the two is beyond comparable to prohormones, you will gain muscle and have the absolute best quality gains, and a super euphoric focus to go with it.
    I'm not one to buy into broscience or junk science, but these two are some of the few supplements I actually trust.

  5. I liked PhytoSERMs the best outta all of these!

  6. The problem is they are expensive, though I admit, RST is fucking awesome for lean bulking!

  7. Would andractim be good for depression symptoms?

  8. Last I checked, RS Transaderm was marked down to 140, then this article mentions 177, and now it's back up to 227 !! I REALLY like all these sups,,, but GODDAM they're EXPENSIVE!!

  9. Jay, I really owe ya one for this - it's an excellent suggestion. A few weeks back I used a small bit of andractim, continued using every day - and it really boosted my strength in the gym! I'm a naturally strong guy but this stuff was better than any sup you could get - most of which is snake oil.

  10. This article is a really good read for those planning on going off hormone replacement therapy, there aren't many guides out there that can quickly summarize the best options and yet provide study to back it up! BRAHV-O Jason!!

  11. Just finished my first month of RS Transaderm, My blood work has shown and confirmed what OP / author said - testosterone is at 988 ng/dl, and estradiol at 14 ng / dl. I'm 63 and feeling BETTER than ever, better than I did on TRT/the shots. Guys, this guy, Jay is worth his knowledge..his rec's are SOLID!!

  12. I've used phytoSERMs before and I am a girl! it helped libido a lot!

  13. All good products listed above, tier, just so damn expensive, but i guess you can expect that for what ya get!!!

  14. lol., i think that some of these are a little overpriced. but i've used phytoserms (girl here) and it actually helped me tone up my ab area and increase acuity!

  15. I liked RS Transaderm , I run it pretty much all year round, this month I'm not but I'm using andractim this far so good, I'll post up more results in a couple'a'weeks!!

  16. You know I once never believed in any of this stuff much - but after going off of TRT I found this stuff to be literal perfection..especially andractim and PhytoSERMs; brilliant stuff! Hope it stays around forever!!

  17. Andractim is better - plus RS transaderm is sold out like all day! shit gets me heated. -_-


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