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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Esteem from Internet Arguments, is it worth it?

I'm going to simply talk about some core values and traits that underlie the pathology of internet arguing, and though, I am guilty of it at times as well, I have decreased it to a mere 3% of my time for the following reasons.

  • It is immensely unproductive, and a short-term spike in notoriety or in imaginary "internet fame" likely isn't where you need to be, or what you need to gain at a particular moment. In almost every case, there is something more productive you can be doing.
  • It takes away from your humility, and people's perception of , especially over time, and most definitely if you end up using "Ad Hominem's" (attacking one's character as opposed to their logic) , it's a good way to end up in the "loser boat" or "arrogance boat".
  • It can reveal more about your psychological phenotype, than you want, to all the wrong people, at the wrong times.
  1.  CONSIDER THIS: You may catch someone in the "wrong mood" on the "wrong day", and this is likely to create short-term negative perception , and a debate that is largely lacking in virtue, peace, or stability. This can come from outliers, and largely distorts the process of thinking, especially if they get on your nerves.
  2. You make no progress when a coherent argument can't be held by the opposing side (or members thereof) , even if you are gaining esteem, what are you learning? You are only staying still, not progressing if you purposely or frequently debate with people of lesser knowledge, or who are emotionally instable.

  • The biggest issue is some will get flustered, and you may also be hindering another's productivity, which may or may not end up in a negative situation - just try to keep emotions out of it, and let logic predominate....and shying away from political & religious debates is a smart way to eliminate emotional bickering from a constitutive and categorical level.
  1. The most insane forms of bickering , often happen in political or religious seems, it's almost always one of these two!
  2. The amount of different perceptions, even on simple aspects of both political and religious subtitles and definitions, varies greatly, and you'd be surprised how hundreds of different "right" opinions are given on a single religious context or single political notion. The result of which is simply a cascading , molting slimy ball of garbled nonsense, poorly formed conclusions and endless bickering in all directions.

The result of which is simply a cascading , molting slimy ball of garbled nonsense, poorly formed conclusions and endless bickering in all directions.

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