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Sunday, December 14, 2014

List of Facebook Log-In / APP Errors & What They Might Mean (Various FB Errors)

Your account is currently unable to use Facebook for Websites. For more information, please log in to and follow the instructions you see there.

More often that not, I find that this error has to do with a security issue, specifically the IP Address you are using to sign-in with on facebook. However, a secondary issue could be your account is temporarily locked by repeated failed log-in attempts.


  • Are you using your phone, on a data network you have never used before to use the application or to log-in with your facebook account?
  • Are you using a VPN, Proxy, or some other IP Changing program?
  • Are you on vacation, or logging in from another state or country than usual?
  • Do you give your password to anyone else, do you have access to your actual facebook account or are you locked out from it?
  • Are you logging in with a different browser than usual, especially on a different operating system?
  • Do you have device registry enabled on your facebook, and other security features? NOTE : These can be changed in your account / security settings on facebook.

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