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Friday, December 19, 2014

How to DownRegulate Estrogen Receptors (Men) Semi-Permanently : Very Simple Solution! (Decrease Estrogen Receptor mRNA)

I'm not gonna make this painfully long, as that would be not so easy on the eyes, but you need to know that you can't simply take a pill and expect this to happen over night!

Estrogen receptor concentration, density and activity is based on a few very important factors.

  • BODY FAT PERCENTAGE; Get that body fat down and increase lean mass, which will favor androgen receptors over estrogen receptors!

  • DHT ; dihyrdrotestosterone levels, the more you have , especially over time, the less estrogen activity/receptors, especially in the chest and ab area where you don't want it! DHT may also decrease estrogen neuron activity and currents in multiple brain regions. (1) (2) (3) (4)

  • The activity of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR); a cytosolic transcription factor , and this means it is an enzyme of sorts, that is mainly activated under specific circumstances, such as in stressful times, and can operate as a kinetic signal, averting one from toxins in foods by decreasing taste for that food or possibly serving as a form of signaling contributing to mental intuition giving the "sense" to stay away from that food(!)(!).  
  1. In regards to estrogen receptors, the activation of AhR correlates with a net decrease in estrogen activity and the induction of enzymes by estrogen leading a negative feedback loop , leading to reduced estrogen receptor transcription(!) (!)!
  2. The effect on reducing stress-induced pathway / enzymatic changes lead to decreases in stress hormones which then leads to an optimal hormone ratio this way as well!

Therefore, the answer to your questions lies above, now does one activate the aryl hydrocarbon receptor....?

I haven't found any particular remedy sold alone, but the science seems to be steady and supportive in the product called "Triazole" which contains an extract aimed at activating this receptor (AhC) and reducing estrogen receptor expression by using novel SERMs, I also noticed when using this product in the past, a much more profound cognitive awareness, and some leaning/drying that I would say was greater than your average anti-estrogen supplement.

You can buy that for a good price @ amazon, I wouldn't recommend buying it from their direct website because it is over-priced, kinda like GNC.


IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR OTHER WAYS TO INCREASE DHT LEVELS, CHECK THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES, Which, I have found to be true and of utmost help and importance.

The first article is mine, the second one is not.

1.) 5 Ways to Increase DHT NATURALLY.

2.) AnabolicMen: 7 Ways to Increase DHT

You can also directly raise DHT levels and apply directly to the chest and abs to directly downregulate estrogen receptor activity and expression by using the gel shown below. 
Clicking the image will take you to the product website. Or you can click here.

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