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Friday, December 19, 2014

10 Most Inspiring (and Intelligent) FaceBook Posts (And Posters) of 2014

It isn't often that I see much less than arrogance, or re-phrased generalized garbage on facebook posts, but.....

I've been doing some reading recently, and based on what I've found and been linked to, I am very impressed with some of people's social network contributions - and make no mistake, you all should be heard further for your words of enlightenment!

1.)   A beautifully well-put response , on a list of full of people who only seem willing to embrace disconnect and negativity. A true outlier, this guy deserves an award!

This was posted as a response to an article post on Hells Angels bikers giving bikes to the homeless. True story, as well.

2.) A very intelligent observation from "Tracy Blevins"  you deserve praise for your outspoken attitude and honesty!
If it looks like a police state and acts like a police state..its probably is a police state. The government are wiping their butts with the Bill of Rights.

This was in response to a post/comments on the post by the facebook group "YOUNG AMERICANS FOR LIBERTY".

Shown below.

3.) A fantastic display of willpower and humble Christian-ism by Bethany Prewitt !

This was in response to a comment talking about dealing with crazy drivers and texting and driving!

4.) JOEL Osteen, A round of applause from Area-1255; you are a modern-day hero with very powerful words, and a sense of enthusiasm that never seems to cease. Thanks for the uplifting words and attitude!

5.) True talk Morgan - to the point and well-said. You deserve the spot and this needs to be uttered 100x for some people unfortunately. 

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