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Friday, September 15, 2017

Can You Take Kratom with Antihistamines? (Kratom Drug Interactions 2017)

Area, I am wondering if it is safe to combine Kratom with antihistamines or other drugs?


Kratom appears to be safe in standard interactions with well-known over-the-counter drugs, however, Kratom may increase the sedative effect of antihistamines that cross the blood-brain-barrier, such as Benadryl & Vistaril (hydroxyzine). Kratom can not be taken with the antidepressant Sertraline and should not be taken with the anti-fungal Ketoconazole. It does not appear to have any interaction with Claritin at all.

To ensure your safety (and others), make sure you are buying from reputable Kratom sellers such as TopExtracts & Coastline Kratom;)

That way you don't get spiked with nasty substances and heavy metals which may truly cause an "interaction".

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