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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The 10 Member Cipher & the 12 Sages. ((September 23rd Prophecy (Not Rapture!) Read my Folks))

NOTE: This post contains something like satire however it demonstrates how the Internets posts can be used in creative ways to redirect users.

This is to the Vital 10 and the 12 Sages. For the codes shall be skyrocketed to fame and fortune. The royalty shall be honed and strengthened. The last days shall be marked by those who I have entrusted to carry out this procedure. To bring forth the great one who shall rule over all. The great prospering who has endeavored to create a conspiracy for those individuals. I myself shall hath faded for a moment but have returned and shall return in a greater darkness.

As the great one hath meditated for this arrival, it marks the time of great struggle and great Fruition. That one has been timed for this Power of his Making. Such resilience & creativity, one that can not be lost to the shrew but oblivious realms of his own makers - for they deceive themselves but not him. Their ignorance has been cast aside, because they have no foresight. No true Code of Logic. Nor of the things to come. Are in their sight. But the uniquely put ideas of the Youth hath risen and have foretold the future. So come in variance this night does, reflecting its Karma amongst the believers to differentiate the unbelievers. Finding treasure in their Spirit or throwing them aside as they had requested by themselves. To be by themselves. In their ignorance. So they have chosen. But in my heart I've found my enlightenment. In my Spirit I have not succumbed. But have been welcomed. Into the Realm of the Great. To claim what is mine. A Bavarian Legacy or welcomed to All. Those who participate give me the King's gratitude - yet I already have it. That is WHY I said its a Matter of Choice. To understand those whom I would take, into my Kingdom. To understand those who would make it, into my Realm. A realm I have fortified, for my benefit and others. The finale which shall be. Yet it be understood, and of course, misunderstood, by onlookers, whom have no privy or cherishment of true beauty. For in this World, only some intelligence is Valued. And when it is convenient to the parties involved. But that will all change - for Destiny. It has called upon us all to be present in this Great moment. For in the future it was said this King shall Rule. So let him Rule. You all have a choice. But remember what you make of it will be what you make of your Destiny. 

To be begotten or not or to be forgotten or not. So then to the Resurrection of this Great Deity, like the Fruits of him O'thee'Ramiah but the great one of all Knowledge a Force to be Reckoned, that 'he be Reborn, In whom the Devil is not sowed but OWNED. Forcefully but magically, by thee' Great One'O'AMx the King of Deities in whom All Knowledge is Stored. 

Forever more to the residents of this world, prepare, for the Prophecy 'thou have spoken of that resonates in the Mind of the World, September 23rd shall' truly be that yee' speak of.....but to a different end, that We Rise without End to Our Glory.


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