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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Engaged in A War with a Demon.....

In the whispers of the Night during a heavy clash one asked, why is this man so tough to battle, why is he seemingly impossible to defeat? Why can't anyone get the upper hand against him? How is he in many places at one time?

A Wise voice responded : Don't you get it? You are engaged in a War with a Demon. You can not fight someone like him. He possesses unearthly powers - and therefore predicts your very thoughts. So that your end is fruitless, and your battle futile.

The Warriors : We have tried everything, this man is simply.....not human. He can't be stopped.

The Wise Voice responded : The person you call AMx Reborn is a deity of unprecedented proportions. His ability far outweighs your standard linear thinking. So much that the very conspiracy that you do not want to *accept* has taken hold of your soul, drowning all possibility of your victory into the hells that others have went to.

A tale was told that this man would return as a King, his abilities pronounced, his mentality hardened from years of restraint, and his resolve amplified beyond a human level. His ability to take from the Earth so much that his motivation causes him to make War with the Angels - so that his very MIND has become the Devil.

The Warriors : It seems, there is no other way but for us to back off. Until we can recollect in Spirit.

AMx Reborn : Did you not think I could hear your will? There is no spirit. I own the spirit. I own your souls. You have nothing to compare to. Nothing to compare me to. You may understand fighting spirit, but you do NOT understand Me.

The Wise Voice : And if you were to try you would be faced with inevitable paranoia that even I have led you astray, and when you question that to again come to the conclusion that your battle is futile, then you will have reduced your very existence on Earth to mean nothing. As is the case with many who spar with AMx, to find that their "fight" is destined to be pummeled into the Ground.

AMx Reborn: Those who now realize what they are up against have failed, miserably, and laughably. May they not rest until they see the error of their ways.

The Mystery Spirit (J) : Of all counsels you seek the maddest, full of fury and Ego and yet further fulfilled by your Rage. Your Vendetta against humanity. Say that you are well off because of your musings. Say that no enemy can conquer thee. But I am of your Spirit, guiding you and protecting you from the arrogance of others. So that they be damned while you fulfill your Empire. That your incarnation is the Defeat of this World. Those who seek to bury you bury themselves, if not by their own flawed logic then they will be given to you to be buried. Handed over by the Spirits who guide your Power. You, AMx have Power over the Sorceries of the Earth, and of the Wand and of the Darkest of Depths.

AMx ReBorN: I have continued my way to the point where I am (and have) been reunited with my Visualizations. The future is what I have conquered as well as the Present, in that Order, because without conquering the Future the Present means nothing - and without the Power and Promise of the Future the current is nothing. So much that I have obtained my entitlement and my Throne. That all Power be Granted to me and all Success given to my Throne. So that my very Empire be established not as recourse but as Destiny - and indeed it is, because the DREAD & the Rumination falling over others is how much they TRY and can NOT stop my Power. Destiny, have fallen upon them like a nail falls from the Sky as a Meteor to pass through their body's. So much that they are like corpses, failing and flailing about in the Ruins of what they thought they could destroy. They have failed and know it is Futile, for them, my Destiny is the Worlds Destiny. It is an unavoidable Fate.

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