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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Obtaining Information About People & Finding their True Identities Online

Its 2017, and hacking and cracking and DOX'ing and DDOS'ing and cloaking and guessification are still on f1re! In fact - they are becoming an inferno! Not just on Anonymous's fan pages (who we are partners with of course!). But also on places like the treasured where users become Perfectionists overnight. One could argue that not everyone plays their cards honestly on there - many different types of people communicate and probably even low-profile deceivers can make massive money by huddling together in the "correct" category. These things are very popular "hobbies". 

Information and the art of gaining it well.....

Its something that any prankster would love to do but its also an avenue for high-tech criminals to make money. Particularly, if sensitive information is involved. So how do people do it? How do people find out "sensitive information".

1.) RAT's, they chewed a backdoor in my Phone!
RAT, or remote administration tools, have been upgraded in the last few years so that there are some limited projects designed to infect phones and when this  is done - give the hacker complete control over that persons phone. Like Windows RATs, they can be installed by sending an infected executable; which can be anything from a video to a document, if done properly.

  • E-mail is typically the most common culprit.
  • People sometimes open things that "look cool" but end up being their worst nightmare.
  • They don't have to be executed right away, the hacker can take control of the phone later on when he/she sees fit.

2.) Sniffing + Whitepages + Background Checks
Many times, intel and personal information IS ALREADY ON THE INTERNET for people to grab. So sniffing it out is all that is needed. Places like Whitepages and give ordinary citizens access to personal information and finances and stuff like criminal background, active credit cards, active lawsuits etc. All of this information can give hackers LEVERAGE to blackmail them for MORE information!

3.) Facebook & Social Media
Perhaps the most exposing element of peoples daily lives, and hackers LOVE stalking their victims on social media, they get a near-first hand look at the person they are terrorizing. Or stealing info from. It provides assurance they have the right target.

Facebook can also be used to find the owner of a cellphone # as well!

If you type in the phone number including the area code in Facebooks top "general" search bar (after pressing "Home") then if that phone is linked to the persons FB you have now, their name  or at least their profile which can lead to their real name. FaceBook and Twitter simply provide all the tools to find peoples identity.

4.) Wireless Router Packet Sniffing & Such
If you are the unlucky fella (or lady) who has your stalker sitting outside your house at 3 A.M, they may be "sniffing" your traffic and decoding data sent to and from your router and to and from your devices connected to it. Yes, hackers can NOT ONLY leech off of your router (particularly if it is unsecured) but also they can use the signals it sends and communication algorithm to find sensitive data.

5.) Google.
Google never forgets. It just keeps learning. At a rate of trillions times trillions of information at a time. Google, is a great tool for learning about others, too. Because forums and such often hold sensitive information like e-mail addresses, searching the persons e-mail address in Google can find more information and eventually, their real identity.

You can find out the types of things people (users) post, giving hints about their personality, taste, hobbies/what they are into and MAYBE, just maybe they are stupid enough to reveal their real name on wherever they are posting (because nobody would ever go so far as to find information on forums that nobody knows they surf on). NOBODY on the Forum would POSSIBLY give up sensitive information to "concerned parties" and so therefore - not one person is innocent and the gullible goons who post their stories for the world to see can be victims of information theft, in the New World, that can mean chaos & catastrophe if the right person is the thief.

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