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Monday, September 18, 2017

Why did Mr.Scratch Use Sevoflurane/Scopolamine on his Victims? (Criminal Minds Question)

Area, I think you are familiar with the show "Criminal Minds" as you are with many similar. Why did Mr.Scratch use Sevoflurane & Scopolamine as a choice to incapacitate his victims?

I am definitely familiar. The reason why he used those drugs (and presumably why anyone would theoretically) is because sevoflurane falls under the class of flourocarbon-drugs [1] that are easily absorbed through the nasal cavity [2] and thus it easily reaches the Brain [3]. Scopolamine (hyoscine) would likely have less permeability without the sevoflurane and plus those drugs complement each other in their dissociative effects [4].

Just like Albuterol and other "inhalers" use propellants like hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) [5] to facilitate not only the ejection through the air and into the nose but also helps deliver the drug to its target by that end.

So essentially its a matter of pemeability and delivery. 

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