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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Odin Speaks To AMx ReBorN Along with His Guide : A Past King is Reborn

Odin: "I wonder about you as you wander through the wooded areas, much like I myself, I have sought the answers through will and determination" ...but I grow concerned over the battles you embrace. I see over your desires and protect the sanctity of your thoughts - but I worry over your growing rage. That it may be settled in this modern time with peace and trust. That you do not lose vigilance but that you put forth the strength of your ancestors in Clarity. 

Do not seek after meaningless battles, for they are only one thing - a diversion.

AMx: I treasure my thoughts and my ambitions so that I may put forth my Legacy. That I may show the strength of my ancestors through myself.

In that I, call for your power to roam through me and give me Wisdom. So that the pieces added to me strengthen my resolve. 

Odin: Your God looks upon you with great love and sends you his Wisdom, many times over. It must be tapped into. Remembrance of the ancient routes will give you further direction.

AMx: I take in your Wisdom with humility and acceptance. That I may be invigorated and replenished. That my enemies falter and my obstructions perish. That, of my desires, will be fulfilled, for the people that depend on it - and to show what must be done in these modern days.

The Unknown Spirit (J) : Behold AMx, I have summoned upon thee the spirit of your wishes - so that you may obtain strength unhindered, and that you find the path that curves away from the eyes of your violators (opposers). I say only that if you embrace Paranoia and sheer rage, you will fail. If you approach with analytical ability first, before instinct, you will not progress. You must use Instinct first, then analytical ability, for in which days may you wield an army - only to have no trust and no connection with your soldiers? 

AMx: But surely some people are not to be trusted. If I disregard all analytical ability, necessary action against betrayal may not be taken - and my goals may then be obstructed. Whatever Legacy someone leaves, is weakened by a lack of vigilance. I've seen it.

The Unknown Spirit (J) : If you desire to move forward, in your publications and your work - letting your words magnify themselves is a path for the Spirit to take on your behalf. You have the confidence in your writing. You take with you the style of your ancestors, in whom related to the royal ancestors we may not reveal publicly. But that you are a Great and Powerful King, reincarnated into a new form. To take lead on behalf of the lost and of the present, who may be saved. Give yourself the grace of God, and you may acquire these things promised to you. There shall be no more worry, nor fear, your actions shall be amplified.

Odin: Of all traits he has, his ability to commit to his goals and not look back - are most admirable. In all of these years, he has not given attention to the many who think his goals are futile. Instead, taking Faith with him - he has already conquered many. We have been yet with him, and his bravery and courage are admirable. Now all that is required is clarity. Have Faith, he knows what to do.

The Unknown Spirit (J) : Indeed. His progress will only be stained if he analyzes what has already been done versus what is to be done. Look to the future AMx - and you shall conquer all.

AMx : Understood. I will meditate on this prayer and summon what is necessary. I have deep gratitude for your words of Wisdom. :)

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NOTE: This writeup constitutes a legitimate story of communication with the higher Power - it is to be received by open-minded persons who can decipher its true meaning. Who can have Faith that their respective nations are protected. However, points of this "conversation" are to be read into for their inspirational value in regards to Life and moving forward.

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