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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Syrian Rue Vendors 2017 (Best Syrian Rue Internet Stores 2017/Where to Buy Syrian Rue 2017)

Syrian Rue or Penganum Harmala is an "herb" I've been writing about since 2014. The reason why it fascinates me, is because it does things no other herb on the planet is known to do. For one, it actually boosts & sustains histamine levels in the Brain which can create a nootropic effect [1]. But far more importantly, Syrian rue potentiates all psychedelics; including "magic mushrooms" [2] [3] [4] [5]. For this use is the most popular and for that reason the herb is highly cherished among herbal magicians and enthusiasts. 

Read more about the "pharmacology" and mechanisms of Syrian Rue here :

Syrian Rue is an inhibitor of MAO-A and thus prevents the breakdown of neurotransmitters in the brain [6]. Since mushrooms and other psychedelics work via mimicking and releasing the same neurotransmitters, it is by that action they become "enhanced" and "prolonged" by Syrian Rue [7]. Additionally, Syrian Rue may affect enzymes that directly affect the Psychedelics breakdown [8] [9]. Syrian Rue has become more popular in the years [10].

I've been buying Syrian Rue for years but my favorite brands are the following... (others favorites as well!)


1.) Top Extracts : A well-reviewed brand that has been offering Syrian Rue for quite a while (several years). They ship domestically in the USA and offer frequent highlighted discounts and e-mail subscriptions to additional product discounts. 

2.) Herbal Fire : One of the best Syrian Rue (Penganum Harmala) vendors of 2017. Certainly keeps prices low as much as possible and always stocks the high-quality stuff. Have not seen any dropped orders or inconsistency issues.

3.) Herb Stomp : Also a great Vendor  of Syrian Rue, reddit users love them as well! Good prices, samples at certain times and friendly support staff land them as #3 on this list.

4.) EternityInABox : "A great vendor with great enthusiasm never fails"; says a great writer somewhere. Indeed, this quote lives on and is repeated by many users on Reddit & Longecity. Two forums where you just HAVE to sign-up when you get the chance. They are very nice forums that review these vendors AS WELL and very frequently!

5.) Bouncing Bear Botanicals : An interesting vendor that has since increased their supply of different "botanicals". They have many new strains of Kratom and have continued supplying high-potency Syrian Rue extracts. Also well-reviewed on Reddit.


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