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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kratom Interactions with Alcohol/Beer (Can you take/smoke Kratom with Alcohol?)

Kratom is a well-known natural opiate [1], it relieves pain [2] and helps people transition away from hardcore narcotic drugs & relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms [3]. It has additional medicinal uses including, but not limited to; Depression [4], Anxiety [5] and possibly neuropathic pain in some instances [6]. Kratom is generally well-absorbed and well-tolerated though different strains produce different psychological effects [7]. The herb is available as an organic extract and a traditional herbal preparation (powder) as well as various "alternative" preparations such as Tea [8], Resin [9] and Capsules [10].

The question - is DOES Kratom interact with or produce additive effects with alcohol? Absolutely. The interaction is not as pronounced as the interaction between narcotic drugs (opiates) and Alcohol, however, it is there, to some extent. Not likely as DANGEROUS as an interaction but it exists. 

If you were to smoke Kratom, or drink it as a tea then drink Alcohol you would almost certainly have additive Depressant effects - but  those effects would depend on HOW MUCH Kratom and HOW MUCH ALCOHOL. If you were to drink a little bit of Kratom tea and then drink a glass of beer its probably not a big deal. But if you MAX OUT on the dosage or even use hefty or moderate amounts of each - there is likely to be a problematic interaction.

So that's that.

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Also view the Psychonaut page on Kratom, its a good read!

For buying Kratom online I suggest for a good guide you read mine below.

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This article aims to be a revamped version of our last popular Kratom vendor article.

In the last few years, several new Kratom vendor's have been coming out of the woodwork to display their awesome and heavenly product. Many of them claiming ''highest-purity'' [1], high'' Mitragynine content [2]'' and even most psychoactive strain [3].

Some declare their Kratom to be able to induce body highs. 

While all of this can be seen as effective advertising, there's still an amount of assessment beyond product potency, particularly because some vendors feel they can afford to cut corners when their sales are through the roof. This becomes a problem if attention isn't being paid to quality of the ''Kratom-land''...crops in which they originated. Some soil just isn't suited and some regions just not healthy to grow specific herbs in.

Additionally, there are other factors which will determine our assessment of (already showing) the best Kratom vendors of late (August-September and beyond) 2017, kratom vendors as of fall 2017 and going on to year of 2018. In addition to LARGE discounts this September 2017 and this Fall 2017, read the factors below.

  • Organic Certified.
  • Mitragynine percentage.
  • Solubility and sublingual preparations.
  • Continuing reviews.
  • Lab-Tests: Some vendor's have announced that fresh COA's (certificate of analysis) will be produced and the testing will come from a well-known third-party lab.
Organic Certified
More and more consumers want ''organic'' products these days, and with Kratom, it isn't exactly a food product, so there isn't any traditional regulatory agency that will be happy to approve its label so quickly, but the controversy of Kratom may pose the biggest barrier for big agency's like the USDA from eagerly reviewing and approving such products as Organic [1]. So finding approvals from Oregon Tilth and other central agency's is a big plus.

Mitragynine Percentage
Today, most customers want a guaranteed high percentage of mitragynine; the main active ingredient in Kratom. What most DON'T KNOW, is that this depends on the quality and the SOURCE of the Kratom. As discussed earlier, some crops are not being taken care of properly, therefore, that is the first step before standardization and extraction [2].

Solubility and sublingual preparations
Good absorption and additional methods of consumption are key for any kratom vendor. Therefore those who offer, resin, high-potency sublingual extracts and those who increasingly offer new and more potent strains are most important [3].

Continuing Reviews
People that ''write and drop'' a one-time review don't always give a good name for the company (or themselves), its repeat reviews that matter; especially with Kratom. So companies that consistently have continuing support from their customers (and +new customers) are the ones that make this list [4].

Consumers have been buying untested kratom for years, but given that *some kratom vendors will be changing their policy on display of test results, this will likely be a deciding factor at some point during 2018. Of course, there will be those who continue to buy untested Kratom, perhaps under convenience or certainly, reliance and trust of their favorite company. Therefore, new customers may be most affected followed by repeat customers in the case of bad-testing [5].

Top 5 Organic Kratom Sites / Vendors (2017-2018 List of Best Kratom Vendors)

For more specifics on the vendors themselves and more detailed information on these recommendations; CLICK HERE. (don't worry, you're not leaving the site yet)

1.) Top Extracts Kratom : One of my favorite stores and my #1 Go-To for Kratom. The quality has never waned and the generosity and professionalism of the owner is impressive. Not to mention competitive prices (actually a bargain for what you get) and always new innovative products on the shelf. All current strains are offered with purity reports and transparency where needed. He has a few other hobbies including Kava and Ayuhuasca-type blends that will give you a good bang for your buck!

2.) CoastLine Kratom : A great store that offers ''sample packs'', has several sales throughout the year and seasonal specials. Quality and diversity of Kratom strains is impeccable and has been consistent throughout the years! They categorize everything nicely and their strains are listed with thorough descriptions and tailored to each users taste.

3.) Kratom Crazy : A high-quality store with bold claims but humility is a given. Despite some minor inconveniences with their payment system, they have a remained a reputable Kratom seller.

4.) Herbal Salvation : A reputable seller also marked on Reddit as trusted. Very consistent & high-quality Kratom.

5.) Eternally Herbal : A BIG Kratom supplier and fulfilling thousands of orders per year. Though you wouldn't think it by their front page alone, its their Etiquette and courtesy that lands them #5 on this List!

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