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Friday, September 15, 2017

Psychopath VS/Versus Alpha-Male (Who would Win in A Corporate Battle/Takeover?)

Besides the question of "what similarities do Psychopaths and Alpha-Males have in common" that I see on Quora all the time - I also have seen and been e-mailed questions to the effect of "Which is better at strategic fighting" and "which would win in a corporate takeover - a Psychopath or an alpha-male".

In order to answer this question, one must understand the prerequisites of business ownership; logic, branding, communication with consumer and adequate structure. Then they must understand company hierarchy's, resources, and proper allocation of those resources. They must also understand the impact one mentality might have on a business vs the other.

So "who would win?".
Psychopath VS  Alpha-Male

Its a difficult question to answer, however I'm inclined to say that if you are referring to the prototypical hotheaded "alpha-male" then a Psychopath would have a distinct advantage; simply because they don't lose their cool and are able to use more calculating and creative methods to demolish the Alpha in the business. Psychopaths are cunning; they will do things others will not try because they do not and will not consider the other alternative, and will not give up until their enemy is defeated. Alpha-Males typically rely on structure, saving face and quick and efficient methods of disassembling the competition. Psychopaths don't mind a long-drawn out game - especially if they get to bathe in their sadism all the way to the quivering of their opposer. 

However - who would win would also depend on resources or at least the ability to quickly utilize a potential resource. If the Alpha has more lawyers on hand and more access to resources in general then the Psychopath may fall. However, because Psychopaths obsess about power - the chances that an Alpha will have more resources than a Psychopath in a business is very low.

Therefore, Psychopaths are superior to Alpha-Males in that way because they are born with that edge (compulsive self-reinforcement). In compulsive reinforcement a Psychopath will have those resources on hand - and not because they feel weak by any means, but because they see business and Power in a different light than Alpha-Males. Additionally, many alpha-males use strong wit to survey consumers and competitors, but they can be reckless in a way that can leads to them incorrectly assessing certain types of more "deceptive" competitors. In deception, an alpha-male may not always have the upper hand.

How many "alpha-males" get killed every day by hardened criminals. By contract killers? The problem is alpha-males often get too cocky and they underestimate the true result of their own words, and actions. They even underestimate people to such an extent that they overplay their hand.

Psychopaths read into a situation and the possibilities and have the born ability to thrive off of fearlessness, but they do so in a selective and intelligent way. Because Psychopaths do not experience the same emotional output as Alpha's (although if you weigh them they are similar in some ways) - they have also the edge of "not getting caught in the moment". They already understand the role of others but most importantly, the proportion of effort it would take to disassemble that role. Psychopaths have the ability to constantly blend in to environments the Alpha-Male would be too prideful to emulate. 

This again, makes Psychopaths more flexible and ultimately, effective than Alpha-Males. 

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