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Friday, February 20, 2015

Best Male Sexual Enhancement Supplements/Compounds/Stacks/Methods

1.) Destroy PDE-5 mRNA 
Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, as well as natural alternatives, ICARIIN, Berberine, ginkgo biloba etc, all work to enhance erectile function by inhibiting the PDE-5 enzyme; however, only ICARIIN and BERBERINE inhibit genetic expression of this enzyme, leading to ...over time, permanent reduction in the levels of this enzyme!
"This can lead to beneficial vascular changes that are semi-permanent or permanent...however, you have to take the combination of Horny Goat Weed; Icariin extract and berberine for a minimum of two-three months for proper genetic "expressional" changes to occur."

                         *BERBERINE*          ~ICARIIN~     

2.)  Swedish Flower Pollen
Swedish Flower Pollen is a powerful supplement that is regarded by not only sexual health experts, but it is often proposed as a part of a fertility/ejaculate increasing stack or supplementation regimen.....even rumored to be a part of "Porn Star" stacks that enable one to "shoot the ropes"; describing the appearance of streaming ejaculate and substantial increase in semen volume as well sperm motility(!) (!).

As a natural supplement, it's very DIVERSE, it doesn't have one specific mechanism of action - but instead contains 1000's of nutritional and enzymatic components; most of which are specific to strengthening cellular integrity in the prostate and seminal ducts, but they also may deliver minerals and direct enzymes to the testis and thus increase uptake of steroidogenic enzymes which consequently will lead to enhanced fertility and sex hormone production at the testicular level.


3.)  Masteron (Drostanolone Propionate/Enanthate)
Masteron is an injectable dihydrotestosterone (DHT) compound; well known for it's off-label uses by bodybuilders as a potent aphrodisiac and erectile stimulant. It is known to help increase sexual aggression and can increase strength rapidly, making it ideal for stamina and "primal essence" . Additionally, according to studies, dihydrotestosterone levels are positively correlated with ability to achieve orgasm/ejaculate in men - as well as number of orgasms(!).

The benefits may also involve balancing estrogen levels which will promote a  supportive biological/psychological environment for confidence and sexual motivation(!).

Many men describe masteron as euphoric, balancing, and vigilance promoting. { Area1255's Recommended Masteron Store Click Here }

4.) Reducing the male refractory period and increasing total testosterone production by means of lowering prolactin naturally.

Dopamine and prolactin show an inverse relationship, science defines prolactin as inhibitory on testosterone production and on overall sexual desire , prolactin also increases latency or time til next ejaculate which is also known as the "refractory period".

One particular supplement that has stood the test of time is known as "USPLabs PowerFULL". It is shown to be a natural, over-the-counter dopaminergic supplement that can substantially lower prolactin levels without relying on the bodys own production of dopamine.

It supplies a direct precursor known as "L-DOPA"; a variant of this chemical, called LEVODOPA is actually a pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of parkinson's disease.

Alternatively, you could try dopaminergic drugs such as REQUIP or CABERGOLINE - which both can boost libido and eliminate male refractory period VERY QUICKLY
Requip can be bought --->  HERE
Cabergoline can be bought ---> HERE

5.) Lower serotonin and boost "neural networks" with a supplement called "Dark Shilajit".

Serotonin inhibits testosterone and dopamine, as well as spinal and hypothalamic nerve connections - leading to diminished or reduced sexual desire and erection quality....Shilajit is a long-lost "secret" used by those who desire maximum male hormonal dominance.

6.)  PT-141; A powerful melanocortin agonist that has shown efficacy in treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder (!) and erectile dysfunction(!) (!). It shows a strong libidogenic effect (libido boosting) in both men and women, and can last for several days. 
You can buy PT-141 securely HERE.

7.) Yohimbine HCL ; A powerful aphrodisiac for both men and women, but with more prominent effects on men. It can boost libido and stamina.

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