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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

EPITALON - A breakthrough novel tetrapeptide with Telomerase activating and Pineal Gland Modulating Effects - And a Worthy candidate to be called the "Fountain of Youth"

This article has been exclusively written for TrueLIFE Research - and to foster further progress within research utilizing the incredibly valuable anti-aging compound - EPITALON.
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Epitalon is a wondrous tetra peptide with telomerase activating, telomere elongation, and cellular rejuvenating properties - thus having immense ant-aging potential(1)(2). It, and the concept of telomere's/telomerase, are a  subject frequently talked about in great enthusiasm by a plethora well-respected scientists, doctors and researchers(3)(4). Dr.Ed Group ; a scientist & Doctor, well known by his appearances on the "Alex Jones Show" and other talk shows - has elaborated and expanded on, the importance of telomere's/telomerase in aging and cellular health(5)(6)(7).

Now , a quote from Center of Genetic Studies, university of Utah.
Inside the nucleus of a cell, our genes are arranged along twisted, double-stranded molecules of DNA called chromosomes. At the ends of the chromosomes are stretches of DNA called telomeres, which protect our genetic data

Professor Vladimir Khavinson (RU) is another esteemed expert on this topic - also asserting the relevance and significance of peptides and their " selective"interactions with telomeres being vital in understanding aging and general health. An incredibly popular write-up of his "Peptide regulation of ageing" beautifully explains all of this. "Bulletin of Experimental Biology & Medicine" is another great work of his; it mentions that an additional benefit of EPITALON is stimulating melatonin production and normalizing cortisol levels and circadian rhythms.

Thus, epitalon is one of the only scientifically supported compounds that has measurable, safe , but profound activities in the Pineal Gland; a region of the brain that is of increasing research and study today - in that it controls and regulates neuronal tone and sleep/wake cycles.

The Pineal Gland is such a big topic; that it has accumulated many alternative nicknames; in many instances being dubbed "God's Antenna" - and being referred to as a gland that determines spiritual essence and vigor. Many channels on youtube are dedicated to "activating" the pineal gland by showing vibrating and shape shifting, centered images and specific "auditory vibrations" that may have some appeal to those looking for sensory based relaxation/meditation.

Therefore, these subtle reports and anecdotes are yet another reason why epitalon or any substance with regard to the pineal gland - are going to attract, inevitably, quite a bit of attention.

Of course, one shouldn't be overly concerned about anecdotes, or even merely the existence of peptides or other chemicals that have affinity for pineal receptors or that have the ability to influence pineal gland secretions - at least solely, one massive amounts of research get the message across much smoother.

Let's go back to more information about epitalon - with a bit of a larger explanation.

Epitalon is revolutionary, in that it not only has specific membrane activity, but can elicit beneficial effects on just about every organ/tissue without negative side-effects. It's ability to rejuvenate and repair, along with being a DNA protector - is remarkable , to say the least. It even takes up a number of discussions on well-known and respectable forums involved in the life extension enthusiast and movements. ( example here )

It's acetylated variant (acetyl is a molecule addition that makes a substance better able to cross blood brain barrier (!) ) has been to improve neuronal and cognitive function - especially that associated with the loss of cells or an impaired regeneration of nerve cells/myelin sheaths(8).

Additionally, it was shown to be able to preserve retina function and reverse abnormalties(9) and act on pineal nerves to protect cellular integrity and reverse some signs of aging(10) (11) (12).

It has endocrine balancing and tonic effects (13) - helping to repair damage to central area's of the hypothalamus - and thus alleviating stress-related decrements (14) in hormone secretion and returning the balance of stress hormones and other hormones in the body(15). It also prevents immune suppression related to stress(16).

Finally, not only does epitalon have immune protective and endocrine rejuvenating effects, but it may also have effects against specific oxidative stress, play a role in antioxidant enzyme release (!) - and function as an overseer of metabolic processes and cellular tone(17)(18).

In summary, Epitalon is an amazing anti-aging peptide that works on all levels of cellular health and in DNA repair. The following benefits are noted.

  • Activating telomerase.
  • Elongating telomere's.
  • Promoting cellular survival and resistance to stress and oxidative changes.
  • Balancing endocrine secretions, rejuvenating pineal gland function and increasing melatonin release.
  • Specifically attenuating excess cortisol secretions from the higher level.
  • Can increase antioxidant enzymes.
  • Increase brain health, stave brain cell aging / remodeling.
  • Restore quality of life and extend the lifespan by all above mechanisms.

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